Why Not Just Be The Best?


All right. So Last weekend was insane I duNNo. If I told you this yet private and county deep. But I chance to go speaker Gingrich Season Tony Robbins Event Tony's studio which he built a huge studio and covert hit Zoom rumors like this huge stadium, rapin zoom walls and. It was crazy scam. You saw that pitchers but it was really special and really fun and we're actually flew there in Tony's private plane, which was crazy she his house and just it was really special weekend but. Telling you too much of that. I was thinking go deeper. So many crazy. A three call talking about although haase antiquated from that. I. Will drop out to you throughout the next few episodes but. There's one thing that's interesting. So We decided women, there were six days, which is kind of cool. We had out some really cool people and just relax and take a break a little bit and you know at the hotel there's so gets the scoop massages. So we started from Sasha two different days and obviously now the Cova, there's weirdness Boise Lovato. Idaho's is different but in Florida, were at, they have different rules rights face masks more often all sorts of stuff. So go get our first massage and He didn't there and it was only sixty minute massage because that's all they had time for that day or whatever, and this comes out she puts on plastic gloves, which was kind of weird Mike wasn't my favorite by Monica. Whatever. So And It was not it was not my favorite massage. Partially because they anyway, there are a lot of reasons why I just it was. Annoyed like it wouldn't feel good. It was just like she was technically giving massage but was not getting Sasha so much. So by the end of my sixty minutes like normally get a ninety minute massage and my sixteen massage like I just wanted to be done I was like it was like the longest sixty minutes life miserable I didn't have a good time and is even thinking like I hate massage like maybe maybe changed mental like the January maybe whatever and I'm so annoyed and finally got Donald. Kevin's is over I give me out of here and I just like Laugh A. Beautiful SPA and all these like I'm done like I don't I don't do beside I don't do. Anymore despise like I just had a horrible experience I I make. ASSANGE again anime rafter. GotTa massages later and then met afterwards and and I was like that was horrible. I don't ever want to give me Josh again and he said we have booked for tomorrow. May I know him? I don't really want to go as we cancel and. anyway it was just it was interesting. So. Next I go back because they have a twenty four hour cancellation periods have to Sasha like massages. This is GonNa be ninety minutes I'm going to be miserable. Just the whole thing right. So get there and kind of bad attitude and talking to Susan she's different person in super. Nice, and we we out massages she starts. The same thing has for the plastic gloves, which is kind of annoying but whatever. Does massage and this time it is a complete experience. was like an artist like it was it was amazing. Everything. It's Chris spend the same amount of money both massages. Right and the first one I wanted to die I wanted to get off the table on the right next person was insane. They were amazing like the ninety minutes was over and I was like, are you kidding me like I want to give you some more money? I spent flip back over and keep doing this back and forth all day. Until your to your shift or whatever like it was it was it was amazing and I remember laying there thinking about how like just twenty four hours earlier massage from person CEO same same spa everything and how I hated it, and this was amazing. Why would they compete anything to continue this experience longer and I started thinking about? This right both of these people would consider themselves from sizes masseuses right Both and got paid to say May to do the job but one was artist one was great. What they do and one was just did the thing, right? And I started thinking about my life lake. Everything. I've done I've tried. I don't know I always wanted to be the best I remember when I was wrestling about this this. This tape has s tape pre DVD's. And it was. The story about Tom Terry brands were twin brothers who are wrestlers, Iowa. Remember the movie started with I tom brands he comes and says, my name's Tom Brands my goal simple going to be the best wrestler in the world. Next thing came up as Terry brant my goal simple. I want to be the best wrestler in the whole world and that's how starts and boom. It goes into training montage and stuff and I was just like, yes. I remember thinking I. Can make my name's Russell Brunson the great wrestler in the world right and so I because I didn't want to be a good wrestler I want to be like okay. I wanted to be the best in the world and obviously never got there. That was my belief because I got way for the night probably ever should've gotten my skill and talent level right? I've state champ. I was an all American second in the Nation High School into college. Rank the top ten college never place NCA but but you know I did I heard your career and which to business was the same thing I got into business I wasn't on make moody who I was like. The greatest market ever lived like if I'm doing this job anywhere might as well take the amazing it right like. and. And I was just thinking about during massage just like people have the same job title. One's amazing ones like. You know and I think about for all of us like my kids. I. Keep with my kids and I don't care. We don't care what you WanNa be when you grow up like don't be like, okay. Be The best in the world like. A how do you? How do you become amazing not just give amazing. What are you have to do different I don't know I don't know how to teach that exactly more. So than just like helping has want that desire like don't be the crappy I think about funnel building right like th. There's tons of you without teaching fungibility and doing fun bill and you can hire someone and you will they hire someone in they get a funnel in the funnel stocks and she's like. You know your federal building become the best in the world obsess about designing copying all these things that when you build someone to funnel like you handed to them, it should be art they should be away by just like you know the second has blown away like. That's experience when a gift somebody if you can't give some experience like you need to geek out more, you got to go deeper you had become better. Become the best in the world that you are in your craft whatever it is right. If I was a dentist locators dentist, but there's there's amazing dense chiropractic. I won't be good chiropractor on the best in the world.

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