Evening Skews - Week of October 27, 2020

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How about that mark we we talked about that you lack that yeah man the haters could see us now. Yeah that's right. So for by watching this confused at any level of production value on the show I don't blame him, Bay let me explain man marked Guy Little help from our buddy producer. Matt you guys are GonNa say producer Matt's touch but You know baby not his face although he might pop in later who knows we'll see what happens but anyway match here to help us out because if you've been following us while you know that I struggled greatly with doing multiple things at the same time. So some of those things producer Matt is GonNa Take Care of, but at any rate here we are in here it is Tuesday October twenty seventh team honest one week from the big day. I'm to crowder Mark Ag what's up mark was up three happy Tuesday hell yeah, and this is evening schemes. So as always we began with the daily. Dumb, assery. Look, I'm just so excited I'm so excited about these graphics I'm so happy anyway. Yeah. Let's get into to set it up for you guys got a little clip for you here. So the setup is the Oregon health authority they do a A frequent health update having to do with Covid nineteen, right the Oregon Health Authority and the. Being what this week is they decided it'd be fun. It'd be fun to make their health update Halloween themed spooky. Spooky season. So let's see how that. I. Can't hear it here it could. Click the share audio button. Look guys we're getting it to. Other graphics objects them talking about how great the graphics were what it was. But yeah. He'll get pulled back up right here in a second so. If you if you saw any of the clip, do you know that? Oregon with three hundred, ninety new cases being reported today. Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths. Statewide. Oh God. You cut it cut it. Throw that throw that screen shot up there if you got it so. Just, ends up just listening to audio version. This can't see that is that is a woman clan in clown makeup. We got not a sad clown directing choice he didn't go. To. Forty three. So. Obviously, it's terrible that people have. But. That's sort of the point here. Oregon Health Authority like you know not everything needs to be jazzed up you know I. I. We're not the incentive here Oregon Public Health Thirties. But I just love A. Killing you that died like a like a golf patch Adams type situation and back. The exactly I didn't realize Portland was back for another. Opening sketch here now I love Things I. Love About Oregon. Not all of Oregon I know but anything that's like Portland Ish in Oregon you know that it's like They reminds me the south in a weird way sometimes because they tend to be a little on the nose with certain things you know on the in this case. Large beeping read knows But yeah. Yeah Portland's not A. It's not unreal. Bad a great car to our conversation with those stripper mid-day about guns one time here. Are At so. That was my favorite for the daily dumb ass today but we had some other nominees and we're not going to deprive you of those so. Matt we'RE GOING TO DO Steve Bannon next MAR mark ten from wrong those. SET IT UP SO Steve Bannon. Look just like us has resorted to being podcast. And the guy who sponsors and pays bills has a side career as a billionaire full, obviously A. Patron of Steve Bannon by the guy who owns the boat us arrested on last month two months ago the rat anyway. So this billionaire has a sad career as a DJ. So that's the that's all you need for this. Are. Some areas. We're a comeback get into all the details. K miles goes taking us out every day. We're GONNA play the entire the US premiere of the entire video be played at the end of the I. Love The fight for Hong Kong get all jacked up. Listen.

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