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Instagram tv. I get a couple of topics coincides with clippers. You pretty much. Nobody would be was battling him going to dallas and whatnot. Regardless is be out for year and i never understood the concept of teams signing a player. That's going to be out for year. Privilege athletes privileged crazy. Kevin durant first year as broken contract. He didn't living didn't play. Got twenty eight. Just to data's privilege that is what else we got magic versus cam. Newton magic can guest star position going on record in saying that he probably doesn't keep on. Just can't pass it at the phil far enough. This can't push it out with Isn't that don't even la. He's like then sevens right now when it comes to pass it out a field like he scared. He's definitely not superman he definitely. Doesn't you know what it takes to be a star quarterback but how many games are they gonna. I don't know that's questionable. Stayed jones's deputy will be that that spot quickly also. We got the fan 'cause for mascot danger at rockies game stop this he want to hear what they wanna hear man this. This fan calls out for the mask. The mask as name is junior rows with senior ginger singer so basically you know he's calling the guys name you know just want to say racism every single daily life for fixate on race every single daily life. Like they do all right. Here's the air i saw of. You were awfully hadn't nervous ea wausau audio. And even though we saying the word dinger dang thing man. I'm still here the in were. That's does all you do fixate on race and that's not an invisible way to live life when every day you get up in you just facing race everything you think about. Is this race this race. That i mean got to be more happy way. Live like that's like really. You live a life fixated on fears and stuff. You can't live life base of fear. And if you're just live every single day of your life fixating all-race.

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