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Billy Cunningham, the great American way of Teri and Terry got to Terry's and your calls at seven four nine seven thousand one last thought, it appears to me, the Wagner family and most certainly the rodent family more involved in array of shall we say illicit activities certainly illegal growing marijuana is illegal chop. Shop operations were parts are taken out vehicles and sold is certainly illegal dogfighting is a legal cockfighting is illegal. But in certain parts of Appalachia, that's kind of a way of life. And one thing you don't do is let the man in. You don't tell you don't go to the place. You don't run the government to solve problems? You take care of them yourselves. So the rodent family, it appears on the surface was involved in an array of activities that resulted in some disagreement with other members of the family, and because the shots were fired in such a way one is left to assume they were either torture killings or. Or they were shot in such a way as to encourage to give information such as where's the money? I would assume when you're involved in those illicit activities, whether it's cockfighting, which is all cash or taking parts off stolen cars, which is all cash or marijuana which is all cash. There's no checks issued one is how good fifth third Bank to get a get a banker cashier's check. Now, you don't do that. So there's lots of cash involved in the rodent family businesses, and certainly the Wagner family would know that what was going on there. And so is reasonable to assume that when they started shooting people some as many as nine times like Chris road junior who was only sixteen was shot nine times that they're seeking information or it was particularly brutal and gruesome in order to cause maximum punishment. Shooting someone and the results while you're standing there doing it is extremely emotionally wrenching, especially for the person getting shot. But for the person doing the shooting. It is not easy. I would assume the Wagner's now Billy Wagner and his wife. Angela and their two sons Jake and George were not in the business of doing this on a regular occasion. I assume this was a one off the only time they shot somebody. It is extremely difficult to go through a process where there might have been as many as fifty or sixty shots fired from semiautomatic handguns to do that is nasty business and to cover up the crime for two and a half years is remarkable. Which is why the course to Wagner's boogie got out of town to Alaska is continuing your calls. Your comments offended coming up at one zero five today will be Alex Kosti, honest, who's the ABC news national consultant politically also at one thirty five today. One forty. Day in the studio is former Cleveland Browns, head football coach Butch Davis will be here. So let's continue. We have Terry on a cell phone and many others, Terry. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show, Terry go ahead. Hey..

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