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Say yeah i see said andrea so many of us stalled drinking to ease. Anxiety is not yet I love and it says drinking. Alcohol is like pouring gasoline on your anxiety. Exit much was as you say. With washing your medicine you come across a lot of people are on antidepressants for example and drinking and they wonder why it's still depressed while you know a the Alcohol counseling out any benefits of the mets and be all college As well so we. We really need to know this stuff and i. I've coached people 'cause audio individual recovery. Coaching up coach to lots of people that fiend in therapy for a long time because their anxieties been so bad and then i've managed to get them to stop drinking enough to three or four months. They say you. I'm beginning to fail so much lights yet. The therapists never mentioned alcohol and the past and was too embarrassed to bring up. She was downing the wine every night. So it seems like the elephant in the room. Isn't it is this shows this show on its shoulders conversations that we are uncomfortable to have with paypal. And because we don't talk directly about as he say wait which is kinda By and often to realize the wellbeing. It's just you know your you vaginal five. All the fat is there's lots of different things and we know alcohol fax. Several of the chemical systems in upright. and so. Why are we surprised when we learned a good in terms of mental health. You know we know in has physical impact on the bright house. so why. don't we kind.

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