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That's called depression the deepest depression so you got denial anger bargaining depression. And finally. What do you do you end up accepting it once? You know you have it. What can you do? You accept it. Maybe these these five emotions can apply to so many different things in life. Whether it's a break up I know we all heard the supply to our breakup but if you apply to this play. I just wonder because everybody I see is in different stages. Don't tell me you haven't seen people who kind of acting like they're gonna get it and then there are. People are just deny the fucking thing is going on so it's interesting. Just keep your eye on that and let me know if you yourself have gone through at least three of those different emotions. I bet you have. Sometimes we're a week away from the next emotion. Sometimes somebody knows a week ahead of us. Sometimes somebody's a week behind us and now is not a time to argue with people with the way they're feeling because this is affecting everybody differently. I mean it's so making day to day life so difficult and we want to say that difficult. I know that people really have hard lives to live. But it's so weird now you know look. There's so many different things happening but you mansion for not only is it like so tough Sota it's it's difficult to not have sports on that. We like to not see March madness with crowds to to to know that baseball season then are coming back in two weeks. We're talking three months. What talking maybe baseball comes back. Maybe in July August way may not even see this season played if a couple of guys come down with it. I got news year once a player to gets it. The whole team's gotTa be you know. Take it away from that. You gotTa corn you know it. There's a good chance we don't play that season at all and basketball is like who even fucking cares about the last ten games of the season and the playoffs. I don't know what they're gonNA do there because once one person has you've got a separate everybody make sure no one else gets it and it was. Somebody gets it two and a half weeks in to them restarted. You GotTa stop it all over again so we really may see nothing. Going on with respect to sports ducky Derby Kentucky Derby. He's been put off those September even the met gala. Oh my God Matt Gal is postponed fro you fucking fashion Weirdos so I don't Megan Markle was really counting on being here in the states. She was invited by Anna Wintour for the met. Gallup's going to be your first appearance here. Our first public appearance since the split. That's on hold so everything is changing the one thing that is interestingly enough changing and I think they hope it's the change for the better but once they They send these emails. I hope they don't mind if I do the same thing to them. I'm sure you're you're getting these emails. I know you're all these department stores sending these wonderful caring emails about how much they care for us. You know what I mean. We here at macy's chair for the welfare of our okay. Good macy's I hope that they're just as understanding with me paying down my balance or anybody else paying down their balance a month or two from now when a lot of people's jobs are gone and people aren't taking their money home because they can't go to the office. They can't go to the restaurant to get tips. I hope they just as understanding with us as we have to be to them right now. I want to send letters to macy's and Bloomingdale's Nordstrom and tell them how much I appreciate them. See how how far that bullshit gets me but finally today you think you have it bad in whatever city you're living and. I'm sure you do but if you live in Boston now several weeks back I said Look I. I know Tom Brady Yank anywhere. He's GonNa put his foot in the water and test the waters to see how much money you could get. There might be a few suitors. But he's going to go back to Boston. He's gotTA BE. He's not gonNA leave New England. What's stay with Bela checks? They would craft stay with your team. You're always getting the playoffs. Why up and your life to find a team that maybe has a shot with you worse than that. Look at two teams that have virtually almost no shot for the playoffs. And today we find out. That's what Tom Brady's doing. Two teams that really really have no shot. Even with him is quarterback. They don't look to be teams. That anybody's worried about beating so Tom Brady has decided he's done with New England. So as as bad as you think you have it wherever you are. I know for fact that people in England right now are out of their minds because touchdown Tommy incoming back and there's no amount of money that can get him here. The Patriots decided. You know what Tom I know. You want thirty million dollars for one year give it twenty and. Tom Looked out of money and he said No. I've given you all I can give you. I've given you six championships. You've never and will never have a run like this forever for over thirty million. It's the right thing to do. They said No. We can't do that so now. He's looking to different teams. I think the bucks and the chargers. Perhaps who are who are able to fork over thirty MIL too bad deal all around. Tom Brady ain't GonNA light being there. The team's not going to like party with that money through year. If the TOM gets hurt they're really shot. This is sad. I thought better of Tom Brady. What does he really think? An extra ten million change everything. Why would you wanNA pull on a different Jersey right now at forty two fucking years old and leave the city that loved him so much? And what go to? Tampa Bay be with a bunch of people in Florida. Who Don't know from good football. I mean they do a little bit but not really one of the mistake. All around New England should have paid him. Tom Should never have set them leaving. It said but then again with the world coming to an end. Who knows if Tom Brady comes? Down with Corona virus. That is playing days are over. So it's not for me to say but I really think it's a sad state of affairs all around. There's no reason for a guy like him to want to walk away. No one who's been a sports idol or sports legend ever looks good in the uniform that they weren't alleged. Brett farve didn't look good. Magette CIENA form as John. Montana was at the San Francisco. Forty nine look good as a chief it goes on and on. Thom could've stayed home. What the fuck did Zell say to you? Because she's not working. She makes a Fortune. She makes more than head does he really need the extra ten bucks. What's this whole thing about? Hopefully we'll find out soon. Hopefully the football season won't be postponed. The fuck knows all right guys. I made that was your show for March eighteenth. Twenty twenty not talk to you tomorrow. Thank you for listening famous. A bitch is an AJ Benza. Workhouse connect production featuring the endless wisdom insightful commentary and sometimes fucked up perspective of AJ Benza executive producer. Mike ACA vino technical producer Brian Vazquez..

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