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Trump it's a nightmare drive in california as the busy highway 1 oon remained shut down following tuesday morning's deadly mud slides and that route between santa barbara in los angeles won't be opening any time soon get around the closed highway summer taking to the water using boats to get between ally in santa barbara others you're driving many hours on detours california highway patrol captained cindy ponte says highway 1 oon won't reopen until mid day monday we know that this tree great high ships for many people and these decisions are not made lately the highway is still covered in thick concrete like mud trees boulders and even a stock bigrig alex stone abc news president trump is playing down the possibility that he'd give an interview to investigators looking into any coordination between his presidential campaign and russia is reasoning is simple enough with no collusion there's no reason to have an interview on wall street wednesday the dow dropped seventeen points todd ant abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news the seattle seahawks and this is twenty four seven news on komo news a michael preston two suspects face charges today related to the murder of pierce county deputy daniel mccartney we've learned more about what transpired in the moments before the shooting investigators believe two men were after drugs aim money in the home invasion mccartney responded to an frederickson sunday night sheriff paul pastor says two young children in the home work hurt but they were living in squalor and he considers them victims as well deputies had been to the.

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