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Spacing a Republican presidential candidate widely reviled. Among the party's rank and file nominate a seemingly safe establishment figure to keep their hold on the White House to the party's shock and horror. They're establishment figure loses the general election. The reviled. Republican becomes president could nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy seventy-two reappear in not only twenty sixteen but in the presidential race of twenty twenty. Here's Wall Street Journal, executive Washington editor Jerry cyb on his story, Jerry. How do you see it? There's an interesting. The Democrats might wanna think about in terms of the cycle that they're in now and their move body logically to the left, which is kind of what you're seeing the democratic national party today. Some people look at a similar situation in the past and wonder if they're hearing echoes of it now, and the parallel is to nineteen sixty eight and nineteen seventy-two for Democrats in nineteen sixty eight Democrats had been in the White House for eight years just as Democrats had been in two thousand sixteen they faced a Republican that liberals really dislike intensely, Richard Nixon, just as liberals would just like Donald Trump now to defeat Richard Nixon in nineteen sixty eight the Democrats picked a very safe establishment candidate, Hubert Humphrey, who was in fact, the vice president, then he any lost in a close election. He lost the Richard Nixon this made liberals in the Democratic Party, very angry and very upset, and they thought the party needed to show, its true, ideological colors, more and be bolder. So in nineteen seventy. To the party had moved to the left nominated George McGovern a much more liberal candidate who then got swapped by Richard Nixon. He lost forty nine hundred fifty states. So you fast forward to today, and you think well Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton centrist establishment in two thousand sixteen they lost Donald Trump the liberal wing of the party is outraged by that they're saying let's stop compromising with moderate candidates. Let's be bolder pick somebody from the left. There's a lot of energy after the party does history repeat itself to the Democrats nominated more liberal candidate. And then basically.

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