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In wednesday's practice was trae. Wayne's on the bengals side And then we've got a few on the limited side from the vikings so all in all pretty healthy teams as i just said Going into week one here not a lot of missing pieces for both teams. And that's that's good for them. You're going to get a good look at you. Know kinda pretty full cupboards for both teams going up against each other. I think the one there's two. Doug is notable names. Anthony barr is limited. And i don't know if he's going to be a game time decision or not. I think zimmer said something about him in practice today off the re up on that but kristen dera saul was their first round pick. They treated down. The first round passed on a guy named justin feels embarrassed ogm and he was drafted to potentially start. Your one left tackle. He i think was only doing individual drills Today on wednesday so it's not looking like he's going to start or even i don't even think he even played practice a lot during august so right now they have reshot hill slated to start tackle so for looking down the road at you know where injuries could hurt. Likings probably might be it off his line of that. that's why. I don't even think they're assaulted ready to play regardless even if he was healthy but it looks like he's going to be one of the notable outs with anthony. Mark kind of lingering in the air as a questionable. Yeah conklin A guy that so. I shared I forget who. It was. Who relayed the vikings i depth chart. I shared that on the water cooler chat yesterday and they had a dare saws. The backup left tackle at this point in time. I think that may be because of the injury. Went up but Yeah so he's he's limited conklin Who was believe listed is. They're starting tight and he's limited bar a guy who's been a pretty good linebacker for a while in the nfl. He was limited as of wednesday. We'll see what happens to your point there but Alexander madison a backup running back to delve and cook and dede westbrook a guy that some people felt that the bengals should have pursued in free agency but they did not They were all full practice for the vikings there any other bits of news. You wanna get to john before we proceed into the next. I know there's i mean we're we're pretty caught up especially with The water google chat from yesterday. But is there anything else that you want to talk about as it pertains to recent news with the bengals the vikings etcetera that we didn't cover so far i think we should address the bombshell potentially of last week and only i don't think we talked about it Adam jones coming on shannon sharpe program and revealing to the world. That e has adopted two of chris henry sons which it's another layer of this mystery of jones post nfl life. It's mostly been disappointing. I think unfortunately we've had the cover. It a lot of cincy jungle but it was kinda nice. Writing an article seen him open up to shannon like that and revealing the past of his relationship with henry. They were never teammates with the bengals. Which i forgot about link henry pathway right before jones joined the team twenty two against in west virginia exactly and they were jones of the first round pick. Henry is the third pick in two thousand and five so they were boys back then and then everything happened with henry. And i guess jones has been in His fiancee's life Ever since taking care in helping raising those kids and it was like a conjoined effort with his his ex fiancee now so like she's still going to be in their life but like he's taking on an official Role for these two kids without their dad. And i thought it was great again. Another adam jones is like is the ultimate onion Keep unr- Revealing these these layers of his personality So much this story this just another thing out of it. When are we getting the thirty. For thirty. On adam jones and honestly i life football career. When is that coming Because like you said that i had onion analogy is is a good one Because like you said there's so many layers and quite honestly some of the layers with adam. Jones aren't very pleasant There's a lot of stories in his background. There are a lot of good things in his background. Like this story. And i like you. I was surprised. I don't exactly know the depth of this adoption and everything you know but it sounds like there is a very very very close knit type of situation with this and Very cool to see that he has stepped in and done some things in the memory of his son. We talked about this a little bit on the water cooler chat yesterday. But i'm glad you reiterated as this was a really cool story and one that Bears repeating for sure especially for a guy that tends you know his and by his own doing but as he tends to get dragged model bit publicly because some things that were in his past so some of which unfortunately not so far in the past. I'm assuming some of it's been pretty recent so but hey good on him there and It sounds like there's there's something good. That has come out of that horrible situation with chris chris henry and his untimely passing the other thing not to switch years from something. Feel good story in an emotional wine. But i wanted to ask you about this. Because this was in terms of the timing. We know the bengals wanted to maybe get a developmental quarterback on practice squad at this time but the timing and wear this player came from and the one they cut to get him on the practice squad. I thought was things that make you go. right Jake browning a guy. I knew a bit about because he played at the university of washington played with john. Ross and You know when when he had that receiving core there he was he was lighting it up and then things kind of as guys left and things you know you kind of saw some of the words and browning's game there but a guy who is now on the bengals practice squad and was very recently with the vikings. So is this in your estimation john. Something where you think the bangles or playing a little Week to week clipboard. Magic here and trying to pick the brain of a former. Vikings quarterback is this guy that you think's gonna stick around. Long term is a developmental guy and potential competition for rain and allen. Down the road Jake browning versus brandon allen. I dunno probably the former I was tasked with writing an article about potential quarterbacks in the bengals can sign to the You have to figure there. They have to have one more in case of some of the code. Emergency even though most of the quarterbacks available right now they're they're not good in browning is no exception to that and i didn't know that browning was with the vikings recently. He was with him in the off. Season when i saw on the wire that the bengals picked him up practice squad. Like i remember something about brownie. Not only did they play with john. Ross washington journal williams quarterback in high school and folsom california they were both like really high star recruits back back in the day so i figured that's a connection. Williams had some intel on browning than they need a quarterback you know might as well. There's no rule other better options. Aside from jake browning then. I learned that he was with the vikings and then that kind of started really nit like they cut a guy in drew crispin who they probably have future applications with wanna keep them around at least for another year to see if he can take over for kevin huber. he's no longer the practice squad because grounding. They are playing the vikings this week. I don't know how much jake browning knows about what the vikings are doing. Because i don't know how much work the third quarterback really gets out intimate. How much intimate knowledge he has the playbook but it probably is just gathering himself and the bengals worked out another form of viking colin hill. A cornerback so maybe they were seeing if he could join on..

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