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Two seconds left. Shop lock. Actally credible lending for Houston Rockets on no franchise record, sixty one points, James. Rockets win this one what fourteen Joe want ten talk seven ninety with the call. So to answer the question to James harden, extend his streak of consecutive games with at least thirty points. Yeah. He had a career high sixty one and the rockets four point win over the Knicks one fourteen one ten harden second career, sixty point Jamie's the fifth player with multiple fifty point games against the Knicks Wilt Chamberlain. Michael, Jordan, Rick Perry and LeBron James the others to do it. So how do you stop him? Don't ask Knicks coach David Dale, maybe ask the next team that's playing I don't know. I just feel like every time of all these hands has got a chance to go in. And that's greatness. When the guy is a is a great player. He didn't just f fifteen rebounds. You know, he he was going after this win five steals forces. So and I thought we really towers them and got after you know, we got five turnovers out of this. Great and he got up thirty eight shots and twenty five free throws. Harden? I players sixty points, fifteen rebounds and five steals in a game since steals became a stat in nineteen Seventy-three. You mentioned the free throws first player to attempt twenty three and twenty free throws in a game in NBA history. ESPN's Ian, Begley James is sitting there, and he's got ice on his knees. He's got his feet and the ice bucket, and he's just kind of scrolling his phone and he's doing it for about five to ten minutes. I don't know if he was checking his social media mentions. I don't know if he was checking his highlights, but it just looked like this was another day at the office for hardened tonight. And sixty one points is incredible. But he's really giving you performances like this regularly over the last few weeks. And maybe that's why did feel just like a normal night for the reigning MVP. Yeah. You mentioned out checking the social media scene. But also seems like he has an appreciation for history maybe some sentimentality underneath that beard, whatever's plans to remember the night. Yeah. There's no doubt. 'cause you know as soon as he got up from the ice bucket. He got cheesed he came back to his locker and get a pair of shoes.

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