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US up everybody we are back again after a long what seemed like a long time off three weeks three weeks since we did a grip wild men who matter podcast and we are so glad to be back took some time off to get some things done some big stuff coming down the pipe for you guys but before we dive into that I want. I want to introduce the Oh Brando. WHAT'S UP DUDE. What's up man. I'm so glad to be back back in the chair back behind the microphone. It's been a couple of weeks. We've been GONNA run around crazy yeah. We have interest if you guys remember when we left us about three weeks ago we were on our way to Colorado for a long weekend fly fish in the I mean in the mountains guys. I mean like ten thousand feet off in the Wilderness holderness. It was crazy saul some stuff that and I've traveled a lot and but I saw some stuff I'd never seen before and just how amazing God's creation isnges isn't just how Mu- how vast the mountains of Colorado the rocky mountains are man it was it was really cool and and in a while we were out there. We weren't just out there fishing when we were. We were filming a story that that we hoped show you guys in the coming time nine but it was us man dude. Let me just say this. Everybody everybody is gifted. It's something we all have around talents. We all have our own abilities. You know better at some things than others not as good at some things as others and I just got to say my man. Stevo Oh jumped in a creek in the middle of nowhere and caught a fish on his first cast because the man has got a gift for the fish I cast is fly fishing remote creek homestate creek in Colorado dare you to Google it and find it because is out there and you jump in man and I cast boom. I got one that was epic. it definitely was a cool feeling just knowing that you know honestly it was kind of a little head nod from God because going into the trip is excited excited as I was man. Just you know I was kind of going through a little funk just just just from just challenges in my life and I was needing some time to step away and just take a deep breath and you don't even though it really a silly as it sounds. Even though it was a working trip I did have a chance just to get out there and get where I feel. Most close close to God is when I'm in not only the outdoors but in extreme outdoors like the wilderness kind of outdoors and men I I just wanted to get there and get my hands in the water because you think about just how pure that water is coming out of the mountains. There's nothing to have contaminated at yet. There's nothing to have manipulated it yet. It was just pure water and I just wanted to get my hands in the water and and and ultimately just catching a fish on the very first cast. I and I'm not a five fishermen yet. Is I mean it was it was a learning experience for me and quickly falling in love with it but it was such a really cool to yes. Ask catch a fish on my very first cast and and just kind of get a little affirmation that hey I'm here. You Know God you're saying. Hey I'm here with you. I'm I'm glad you came cool moments. Just out there I mean we drove five hundred miles in three days. Just we probably fish what five or six different rivers some of the best you know quote unquote gold medal trout streams you know are available and it was just cool to see the change we we fished meadows. We fished in uh up in up in the canyons. I mean Kenyans on both sides canyon walls and we saw variety of things we we met some cool people and we we stopped for lunch one day in Walden Colorado ARADO behind Google that one seeing find it. It's up there is up there. There was this little girl out on the corner selling lemonade with your grandma uh and and I just kind of walked over said what are we doing here and she had a poster out and and it was just crazy because it's downtown in this little com main street area and wind was blowing and it was like fifty degrees was amazing and she had this sign and it said you know trying to raise money for space camp and she had his NASA acid t shirt on and here we are a bunch of boys a bunch of rednecks from Alabama up in the middle of Nowhere Colorado and here's this ten year old girl she wants to come to Alabama you you know and it was just as cool kind of like of all the places and all the people we met a little girl who wants to come to Alabama to go to space camp you know so we got to share what we were doing and account bought some lemonade from her. You know try to try to get into space camp. It was just it was it was another cool like you said a little head nod little fist-bump yeah. Just you know cool cool things happening. Oh really cool to see that and experience that and so you know our biggest encouragement to you guys you know I think we shared this last time for we cut out for a couple of weeks was yeah we went to Colorado in its quote unquote epic big trip but I wanNA encourage. You guys to would go somewhere like to just do it. it's very possible very feasible and it doesn't have to be halfway across the country but let honestly if you're smart a flight to. Colorado is really not that expensive so just get out and go just go somewhere and get away an experience that closeness and if you're listening whether you're bought into the whole God thing or not or you're you know you're really Dagan the journey that you're on with with with Christ or not. I promise you wherever you're adding your life. You'll get out into the wilderness. Whether you're an outdoorsman win or not. There's something about it. There's something about what goes on out there and find your place and get their and I think it had changed your life and so may when we left there we we quickly change years and you know we dove dove into knocking out this man smog cridland that you've heard US talk about that. Were so excited to launch. you now this week really a really anytime the cool thing about the way we're doing is you can dive in at any point and so we're. GonNa talk a little bit about that today yeah but mainly mainly what I wanted to dig into today brandon is out there kind of out in Colorado I I vividly remembered this one moment and then I kinda came back here and we we did all that stuff and and then I experienced against something similar to it that that made me think about this idea that we talk talk about they wanna mean is so after Colorado in small group curriculum in these lots awesome things happening we also kinda finished a our our biggest months that we've ever had in the feed company that kind of parallels allows group wild and I got to thinking about how I how how exciting it was and this thought that came to my head is exciting not because of the number but really because of the people that I got to do with and I made this comment that that a half five is the greatest thing that you could ever experience in your live and it sounds silly at first but but think about like a high I five is one of the greatest things you could ever experienced in your life because what entails a high five. It's it's you celebrating something with someone else and it made me think about my past of my career and it made me think about Colorado like Colorado was awesome but it was it was so much more more remarkable and I think impactful because I can vividly remember the half fives after just about what every fish that was caught. There was always a half five in this excitement in this of men together. We're experiencing this and it it goes back to singing about my career in business and you know have this shelf of all the products had developed in all products that have kind of gone the big box stores wars and and and they're there to help me remind me of the little wins. I have in my career saw stay focused but honestly that day that had this half. Hi Five means everything I looked at that wall and I was like who cares I literally said who cares out loud to all of those products developed because does when I look back at that point in my career I did. 'em All alone like I didn't have a team of guys that were chasing this vision that I'm chasing now that was that was trying to achieve something for the greater good that we're trying to achieve now back then man yeah. Had you know God who worked for me who Labour's but I didn't have any team members. Goss who were sharing the vision to me and I looked at that shelf and I was like who care I mean half those products isn't shelf have been in Walmart. They've been in major box stores and as I who cares and the reason I said that is because I I didn't have a high five during that season of my life and it wasn't that I wanted a high five of of like good job. Stephen is I didn't have anybody to share those memories stories with right. I look at those. Even you guys you guys walk into the office every day and you really don't have a perspective of what those things in my life and how hard I work to get them and what paint I had to go through and what successes I experience because you like no no none of you guys were there and it doesn't matter to to me away and so I thought about that the trip of why the Colorado trip was so important and why like this month's goals are so much more fulfilling than ever before and it had nothing to do with what we were doing it was that I was doing it with someone and and that's when that that statement hit me that man one of the greatest things in literally one of the greatest things in life can be a half five because you're doing doing it with. Someone and that's what we want to encourage you guys with. Today is where your high fives are. Do you have have high fives in your life and what you're tackling right now. Think about it. I mean we Kinda talk this out the other day just thinking about how it becomes real when you fish for a long time tournament fish and a lot of times fishing on the bow by yourself you snag nine pounder you turn around in the back of the boat load. There's nobody there yeah I mean for me jumped into my mind. No exaggeration probably the best three rounds of golf five ever played score wise whereas shot the best number I've ever shot by myself and that present some issues right because hey it kind of sucks when there's nobody there to celebrate when you make the PUTT and be nobody's GonNa believe you. You know like shout eighty four today. Okay prove it you know and this whole mentality. This idea that like men were working hard. You're getting after something chasing a dream chasing a a goal chasing something you're passionate about but when you get the win along the way who's who's next to you know sharing that with you celebrate with. I mean I I love that. You said that fish analogies the biggest fish I've ever caught in Florida hairs. Chena lakes practices for tournament intimate by myself. There was nobody in the boat with me. The the biggest fish ever caught my life like no one there to say. There was no high five that that day there was a awesome all right but her back into water he knows it so I mean think about it. Guys think about the moments in your live where you achieve something that you were chasing her. You experience something net..

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