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Free speech? If if your voice my voice, others are relegated to our own websites. On and we cannot advertise or put anything out into the public square. Do we really have free speech in America? It's a good question, and I I'm kind of redefining censorship. People say, Well, you're talking about censorship, but those air social media companies and it's the news and I'm arguing. They're so inextricably tied now to government. For example, when Adam shift and call Facebook and say Take down the story on vaccine safety because Whoever I'm assuming pays him or donates to him doesn't like it. And then Facebook does it. I think that you know that become government censorship reaches into a whole new definition, and I think that's what we're seeing. And if if this isn't dialed back There may be some people who are perfectly happy to have their news curated and their information sorted through. But obviously they're not thinking down the road of well Sunday. It's not going to be the people. You want to do it who were doing it, You know, just think about the consequences Once you open the door, the slippery slope to allowing people To tell you what you ought to see And thank versus you being able to decide for yourself if you'd like to. Cheryl. Thank you so much. Always great to talk to you. Rishi ate him. Thanks, Glenn. That's Cheryl Atkinson, the name of her book itself for a pre order. We'll have around to talk about a book something, but it's called slanted. You could order it now she is. She is somebody who used to.

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