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Let me hit all the technical questions. You guys do. Thank you for allowing me to be inside, Hugh McAuley. Yes, exactly. You're a really appreciate you being here. Oh, yeah. No, thanks for having me. We we've had a good time. We've only met since you did my podcast the bunny ears bunny ears. Pod cattle blasts. I if somebody asks me, what's MacAulay Culkin like I gotta say very bright very random, very creative. Okay. And so on I feel like maybe it's because of your history and the your career and the personal shit and all the stuff that you've gone through that you just kind of seem like you found yourself. Yeah. I'm in a really cool place. I've actually been pretty comfortable in my own skin for a while. There was probably a big chunk of time where? Yeah, I mean, I'm always in a unique position. I'm kind of peerless in a certain kind of way, you know, there wasn't somebody. I could like approach or somebody could look to the left or the right and gonna go. Oh, yeah. You know, how it is? Like the guy never really had that can really relate to. So I had to really kind of figure out of this stuff out. On my own. So you know through trial and massive error. You know here. I am. But am I, you know, I'm a I'm a strong confident fierce batch this. This is my first beer on the podcast. We're having a up here. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Hey, here's beer podcasting. Their Bah, Bob. Bob, probably wrong. Yeah. Hey. Hey, rob, my producer here. He doesn't. He doesn't wanna drink. He says yesterday drive. Oh, be good for him. He's you you hide a responsible person looking at responsible young male. He's you know, twenty nine years old. He's got a child. He's you know, he's tell me more about rob. Yeah. He's he's he's with it thirty actually. Oh. And to say that you had to say, yeah. How do you feel about that? He he does it every episode. Yeah. But how do you feel about being thirty? 'cause like I was dreading by the time. I was twenty five I was dreading thirty like by the time. I hit my thirtieth birthday. I was like all thank God. These twenties are over with. Yeah. I was kind of the same guy. Just done. Yeah. Thirty. Yeah. I kinda wish I was maybe back in my thirties a little bit. I'm forty six. Oh, wow. Congratulations debt. Does it doesn't show. Really? I would've. I would've thought that we were about the same age. We could have gone to the senile. You look you look younger you look like you look like a solid thirty one. Oh, thanks, thirty eight thirty eight. I'm not even blowing. You you. Look young. Thanks. They'll have. Youthful charm. Now there were those days where I've seen pictures with the long hair and the scraggly and you're gonna look like a little maybe a little older a little bit dirtier. Yeah. That's what I was doing. My band thing about your band thing before this an I didn't really know about the ban. I read something about it. But it was like the pizza underground. It's like the velvet underground played songs, but you incorporate about pizza, you know, take a bite of the wild slice now that during a time where McCauley didn't know MacAulay, and we searching or you kind of like you and were like I'm fucking doing this somehow it was fun. It was the four of the band members were already kind of toying around at this idea kind of thing. And they said, oh, we're gonna do this open. Mike at the sidewalk. Cafe do you want to come? I was like, yeah. Sure. Why not? And so we did that and we recorded something in my living room of just like we had like an eight minute medley is what we had kind of just playing doing a verse chorus of a bunch of velvet underground songs. But just, you know, yet waiting for the delivery man that kind of thing, and then and then we push one of our bandmates posted it on a Bank Cam totally forgot about it. And then a month later I woke up to about forty Tex. And twenty calls. I thought someone died before even looking at him. I just assumed it like oh God when you get this many calls like something bad happened. But this was a good thing. Oh, yeah. No. It was everybody was saying oh my God. Are you in a pizza banned in countries like blew up?.

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