To try to You know, stem the tide, As they


And Bill thank you for keeping people aware of what's going on. Because if Trump doesn't win, we're just done. I mean, it's over with and and I mean, freedom is a very fragile commodity right now and Well, People like you are the last line of defense for people like that. That have no other place to go. The regular media of the papers. Everybody is just basically lying dead in the same public, Chuck. Thank you. I'll be your voice in. Thank you and get my best of you. My best of any you've been. Thank you so much. Thank you. Let's continue now can in North Carolina, the home of the Tar Heels. And the Wolf Pack can welcome to the Bill Cunningham show can go ahead. Yeah, and how you I give. Hey, Bill, How are you doing? This is my first down value to Yeah, I I I was 20 years bedroom army and I'm 20 Reginald D o D. And I'm driving a missing element day this year.

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