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Tom Brady and the patriots hosting the winless jets. The Patriots are a wapping twenty two point favorite at home against the jets this weekend. That's according to Fox. Bet Patriots have outscored opponents seventy six to three three through just two games this season and that's not the only spread the cowboys also twenty two and a half point favorites against the dolphins is this Sunday Shannon Express who covers by how much both easily easily coverage Shannon shops as easily. I gotta the Patriot covering fifty two to three fifty three fifty two to three forty nine. Yes they're playing a third screen. quarterback quarterback would a terrible office of land which means by that way that third stringer was the predecessor Washington State Gardner Menchu book look look it is not like the jess or not trying Yep. They're trying. They just don't have a whole lot to try with Greg Greg Williams. It's a great defensive coordinator. I love his style now. He's GonNa get you know he'll he'll. He'll bring a blimp that you haven't seen before and he'll get Tom Brady. You'll probably get get him on the ground once or twice but those cracks that he leaves. That's a guy that exploited Oh yeah and that's not that's not Baker Mayfield He. That's not Josh Allen this guy the guy that you're going to play in his building bill light you up and then call the Dogs co-developed head coach his team. His job is not to keep the score down for your team. That's your job. Mr Kraut pave me to coach my team. I'm not trying to coach your to try to help you so you keep the score down. Okay fifty two to three and I got the cowboys also covering easily easily because guess what the dolphins just wished to another another quarterback not like he's any better than the one they switched out but look you know what elise me to see what you have moving forward. You might need to be in the business for a quarterback. I guess guess I saw the signs tank for two or maybe they wait another year and try to get Trevor Low. It's not me but I got the cowboys get covered even to really defies six forty. He five five six Phelan generate today thirty nine minutes so you have patriots by forty nine and cowboys by thirty thirty nine Yup Yup Yup. Could you know get skew your at home and you give them a fifty nine points to Lamar Jackson you at home you give a forty three to the Patriots. You're going to go on the road and you starting another quarterback. They're not very good. It's skip the here's the thing there's a difference between being not good and try and been not good in not trying. Okay does not even try. They traded away anybody if you thought they might be attempting to play good and play hard they traded anybody that could possibly help him get rid of makeup. This practice you trays a steals feels you trade Laremy Tunsil. Oh forget was left. WHO's left body by six so you know what it just on me? My superbowl pick was cowboys versus Patriots so even though I love my cowboys choice and I'm not a huge Patriot fan but I do love my Tom Brady who do just for one Sunday. I wouldn't mind betting against those two teams quarterback. You'll lose. Give give me give me thirty eight in Dallas. I'll take the dolphin thirty thirty eight. You said they're going to win by thirty nine thirty eight right now thirty eight forty eight in the jets so forty eight. No I know who you just said. He's easily covered either. We'll put your do where your mouth is here. It's your do you come on. That's my line Vegas. Vegas only gave him twenty two and twenty two and a half for the mere fact three skip. You Ain't never see three t three t like you said it was the strikes these and when the strike thing how he seven Zoro's walked the picket line at to play against what they called scabs that term but that's but but San mm Francisco Yeah Hey Joe Montana and Jerry rice and the team they were playing against did not replace exactly yes so that's why in the cowboys those guys had come back doc rained angles said would you know who they are parading. Yes walked the picket line and I also sat there and the press box that old Texas Texas Stadium and watch Joe Gibbs with pure replacement players beat the cowboys on Monday night football with their stars back believe in that so this this is the flip side of that this is you're saying easily. Actually what's called watching the won the super bowl they did once they got their players buys men riggins Yup or no that was earlier earlier. That was eighty yeah eighty to go okay so back to this. I'm going to start with my Dallas Dallas. Cowboys Tim Smith was running Bronco Yep. Okay I do not believe my cowboys will cover twenty two and a half points points that's historic. That's outrageously wrong in the national football league and I hear what you just said historically good with an MRI historically stork good. I just said they're going to win the NFC. Does that mean historically if they're gonNA win. NFC and that's one of the worst team in the AFC too many injuries too much of a letdown after two big wins over to division rivals whether you think so. We're not in that locker room. They don't like the giants and they really really don't like the Redskins so it's GonNa be a little bit of a letdown after those two games and they will be looking ahead on Sunday to the next Sunday when the season quote unquote starts at New Orleans and I don't care whether it's teddy bridgewater tastes them hill and we're GonNa talk about this in just a few minutes. It's the saints are still a loaded very very good football team. They have a good defense in as Jin. Well knows because she's there often. She lives in New Orleans. It's a hard place to win a football game and that superdome so so again they might be looking ahead to at New Orleans and then the following Sunday Aaron Rodgers visits Jerry world our place to win a game when drew briefly okay they he got beat last year when Teddy Bridgewater started last game they call Dale Okay and did that matter no. That's my point is the place when drew's under center. Okay okay so we know about the injuries. There's no Michael Gallup. There's no Tay von Osten probably lease don't concussion protocol so you're down to receivers and you're down to woods on defense defense. You're not out of the Miami down to fix played. Well wait a second. You don't have Antoine Woods. WHO's the anchor their defensive line and you don't have your woods who's the best of the two safeties on the backside backside of the defense and there's tyrone tyrone Crawford and defensive line? He had a sack last week. So how'd you get up for this game so I'm going to call it thirty four to fourteen because I keep telling you my defense keeps scaring me. I haven't seen it come together in jail and clicks give they haven't seen it. You'd be uh-huh going seven points. How are they going to get fourteen Josh Rosano? There'll be a garbage touchdown. You know this is your back door covers if they score fourteen in my defense is highly capable of giving up fourteen points. They got devante Parker. He's pretty good will be back fourteen okay so what board is fourteen thirty four fourteen thirty one against Washington but the here's the flips. They're not going to be ready for this. They don't hate Miami. They have no history with Miami except what they gave Miami. You remember that Thanksgiving Day game when Leon Lett gave them of football game kick remember this no it actually snowed owed in Dallas Texas on Thanksgiving which you have impossible and Leon Lett gave them he literally just sort of handed them the football game right okay so that's the only history of Miami and the kids this locker room have no idea about that because there's no animosity there's no rivalry the patriots hate the dolphins because Tom Brady was seven and ten going to Miami that was his record in Miami and they got victimized by the Miami miracle just a year ago so you don't think they go down there to say. Let's RUB it. In Tom. Brady played late into that game late in the fourth the fourth quarter he even later this game by the way I will also also reminds you that game was only thirteen nothing midway third quarter thirteen nothing and to pick six so you you got a big break there if you if if you gave the points because it's it's hard to get that if they score any but again Miami didn't score right right yeah so if they're going to be challenged or is your eighteen. I'm going to say that the jets find some garbage touchdown way to score seven but I also think Tom Brady will hang forty on the jets because they hate the jets and other division vision rival and they will take every opportunity to so to speak step on their neck. Kill like rub it in rub their noses in. They don't like Greg Williams. They don't like you know they're going to try to exact lash go the Lafayette how we proceed to England right it's because of what transpired would turning state's evidence against that. You'd like to catch your six nine to give it up. Okay testimony okay so how are the cowboys going to get up. There are going to go on the field and look the dolphins in uniform. We don't even know these guys are no okay golly. Don't you'll see yeah well. You must really believe in my offense if you bought it by. ooh ooh wow really yep okay. We'll give me thirty eight and forty eight and I'll take him nope no. Why not I'm not betting against myself I want to be? I'm going to get this right and then I'm going to be able to come out here Monday and say I told you so really yeah. We'll put you on like you. Tell me I want to jinx so you have no courage of the victor skip. I got courage. I just told you what the school is going to be okay. We'll then back it up. I'll back it up. I'll take those thirty three your your your outrageously too high by should've went fifty three because you see they went thirty three forty three going up about infamous. Okay go oh to go for forty nine fifty to three fifty two to three thirty nine. Okay just give me I'll take forty seven forty seven point right. I would take okay so you have no courage of conviction next question manning adding the Marjo dolphins go zero zero they take my defense hasn't arrived yet. It might somewhere along the line. Ah Yeah de la. Don't get a couple of sexiest game skip. I don't know well. He came up all Zeros against the REDSKINS. Nothing nothing nothing nothing. Nothing Komo tackles no pressure. No nothing be right this week. Okay Josh Rosen getting the start for the dolphins over. It's magic. We'll see if that makes any difference. Tom Brady not so impressed by last night's abundance of penalties and he let everyone know about it. During the first staff the quarterback tweeted too many penalties. Just let us play plus. I'm turning off this game. I can't watch these ridiculous penalties anymore..

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