How can I help you? One area of concern is connecting the risks of the client


East Side of town. Leaking tunnel looks good time about five or 10 coming from the sky way better from the turnpike approach. Next traffic update Lesson 10 minutes away and WC yes, the forecast in the Weather Center meteorologist Bill Digger. In advance of a cold front. The rest of today looks cloudy, breezy and somewhat mild high. 57 rain develops this afternoon, though, is that front moves through good lass for the evening and there could be some downpours behind the front, trying out, clearing out tonight brisk and chili low 37. Workweek starts out on a very windy and cold No Tomorrow Partly sunny, high 44 windchills about 30 When gusts close to 50 Miles an hour Election day Tuesday Partly sunny and chili highs around 50 will feel warmer Wednesday. Sunny 54 a Nice day on Thursday by November standards, mostly sunny high 60 to 55 in the city, it is. Cloudy Looks like it's raining across the Hudson River on the Jersey side, 50 degrees in west Milford, 57 Deer Park. 55 in the Brocks 11 20 to that of a U. C. B s Let's take some telephone calls here on the Rick Element. Show off this Noma, California Jeff is with us on the air. Welcome to the program. Jeff, How can I help you? One area of concern is connecting the risks of the client with their financial plant. So you're obviously you're not. You're not an investor. You're someone who works with investment advisors, helping them with their clients. Everybody talks about

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