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People that's one thing that does happen i think yes but i also think you know many many psych issues are so matai and so i do think you know people i mean you're you're basically describing yourself right now is like the back line of you know they've been analysis now they're just questioning what's going what are these feelings that are having and what's going on but you're also the frontline lose people who have psychological or psychiatric issues going on they come first their interns too because also they're having who matic's i know and i'm i'm pretty good at that but but where i was going to go with this is i always wondered because we did years and years of analysis whether and did he get lost and is that would happen with his stepdaughter was at somehow some sort of deep like he was a loss at that point that does that make any sense or is that just me just try to rationalize life our fate it it i don't use the words loss as much as people can get through in analysis and still have blind spots right they and blind spots because they really found a way to avoid dealing with that conflict you know at the end of the day writes psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic training prepares you to be really really good at listening and listening for unconscious material but you're not a mind reader you know i don't have actually machine.

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