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For some straight talk. Sure saving money feels good, but cutting your wildest bill in half that feels really good. Like walk off home run in the ninth inning. Kind of good, Okay? Maybe not that good, but pretty darn good. We're straight talk. You could get 25 gigs of high speed data for 45 bucks a month up to 50% less than the other guys, plus no contract. On America's best networks. Why pay a whole lot when you could pay half straight talk wireless? No contract, no compromise. Today. I'm taking it to the streets to give people the good news. Excuse me. Hello. I'm Flo from progressive. And did you know I'm just waiting for the bus. So then you have time to hear about how with home court Explorer. You can check if you're paying too much for home insurance. Yeah. If I was interested in talking to you. I'm not okay, I'll do the talking and you just check if you could be saving, which it's going to be pretty hard to do If you put on your headphones, see if you're paying too much for home insurance With home Quote Explorer progress, a casualty insurance. Government affiliates comparison reach not available in all states of situations. Hi. This is Joe Cordell with the law firm Court. Alan Cornell. When the prospect of divorce becomes a reality, you need a partner that you can count on. If you're a man in this situation, Consider contacting Cordell Cordell. We've helped men navigate complex legal matters for 30 years. Contact Cordell in court held to schedule an appointment with one of our firm Chicago Land area attorneys online. It Cordell cordell dot com 43 20 Winfield Road Suite. 200 Warrenville, Illinois 60555. Like I blinked, and suddenly all my business shifted.

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