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More on car insurance. I'm CLYDE Lewis. You're listening to ground zero. I recall, and I don't have a years. It's been probably starting in two thousand fifteen thousand sixteen. I dunno. I was telling you about about lab meat. And I said, hey, it's coming, you know, they're gonna have it ready to go in a couple of years. And I think even touched base a little bit in two thousand eighteen by twenty nine hundred marketing this stuff. And now what I'm talking about? This beyond me thing is not lab meat. But it is meat. But it isn't a veggie burger see that's the thing. That's the weird part about this. He's not a veggie burger. They don't say it's like, okay. You go to the website. And I was looking up. I was telling you about how I ate a beyond burger Carl's junior over the weekend. And it just really kind of freaked me out because it tastes like real meat says here, this is going to be on meet it sold in the meat section of over ten thousand grocery stores in the United States. And soon the world it's made without soy or gluten and it's GMO free by braiding together. Proteins fats and minerals. They have recreated the basic architecture and bus texture of meat. Unlike any other brand or product that beyond burger, according to the site is not a veggie burger, they call it. A delicious juicy meaty burger for true meat lovers. It just happens to be made from plants so not a veggie burger. But I think it's because veggie burgers got such a stigma attached to it. Right here. I'm gonna eat a Boca burger a veggie burger. I just say where's the bathroom or please? If you're going to do anything give me one of those those huge mushrooms, sometimes they take mushroom caps had one of those take a mushroom cap. What what what's it called, Ron? It's not it's not should Tocci. Speaking of it's not a should talk. What would you say Portobello? God I'm getting a lot of help from my producers tonight portabella mushroom. I've gone to barbecues before. Where they've taken the mushroom cap of Portobello mushroom. They put it on the grill and barbecue sauce on everything else. Kind of kind of has you know, it's a mushroom. But it's like I'll pretend it's the burger you'll pretend it's the burger. It doesn't always work. But it's good. Don't don't follow me. These little vegan get togethers or vegetarian get togethers and on respect. You don't walk out your ribs, or you don't wipe out this huge Hunkin burger and go down on it like a ravenous cannibal, but you're eating with everyone else the mushroom cap of a portabella mushroom. But it isn't the same. Right. So. I looked even further into this beyond burger 'cause I was really blown away here. It's made from a mixture of p protein isolates, yeast and other ingredients, and I was over. I was overhearing Ron tonight is he was producing the show. I also heard it has bamboo in it is that true. Ron bamboo. As bamboo in. It not is it bamboo shoot stuff like in Chinese or is it like bamboo like what pandas eat bamboo or. Oh, entitled entice soups. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So it's the same stuff they have in the Thai soup, and I like Thai food, so okay. So you got bamboo. That's other ingredients you've got p protein isolates meaning peas pea protein, isolates yeast. Bambu canola oil coconut oil has coconut in a two-day as coconut oil fats and oils, Gordon, doc wallet. Okay. Oh is he saying the new burgers are good for me? Is that we said, okay? Well, I'll talk to we'll get what let's get doc on. Sometimes we can talk to him about what do you think of the damn beyond meat burger? Okay. Anyway. So. It says here it literally contains all the amino acids proteins necessary for a healthy vegan diet. It also is low in carbs. So it almost the perfect burger for people who want to eat a hamburger with all the diet guilt for diabetics and pre diabetics. This is the burger for you. You can eat it not worry about getting too much fat. So got me thinking about how how is this supposed to be the year or how's it supposed to be a burger, and it tastes like a burger it just it's confusing. I guess the the red meat qualities from the beats they use. So their beats involved doesn't taste like beats though tastes like need the somehow they've they've beaten the beat out of the out of the meat. So that's never mind. So anyway, so this is what we've done. Now like you said two years we've been talking about this coming. We idea of lab meet coming or different type of grown meat coming. Popping up in stores. Is it Carl's junior? It's it in fact, some of the investors have been Leonardo Di Caprio Bill Gates and the CEO of McDonald's. Although I don't see one of these things at McDonalds yet, and they may be that be at McDonald's. A Carl's junior, though, Carl's junior has it. So. Coming up in about an hour. I told Ron to go make a run at the veggie grill down the street. We call they have beyond meat burger. And I'm going to get some of the staff it's working the show tonight to try because they haven't tried any of this yet. So I want them to try it. If you're driving along you have nothing better to do when you're hungry. Stop buying seeing you one of those and calming somebody. We think of it because I really wanna know what you think of this thing. It's like this is like a social experiment on the radio you hungry. Find a place that has one of these beyond meat, burgers and eat it. And then tell me what you think triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred. I'm quite Lewis. You're listening to ground zero..

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