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Dr Martin Luther King junior on Monday here in Albany, the celebrated civil rights leader honored at the Empire State plaza. There were musical performances, dances and speeches at the Empire State plaza convention center. Former New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings gave the keynote address he remarked on the changes in society since Dr king's death and all always say this to myself, and I hope that you guys ask yourself this question. How can I have more freedom than he ever had less than he ever did complain more than he ever dreamed volunteerism was at the heart of Dr king's philosophy? And there was a volunteering fair outside the convention hall, kind of lost in governor Cuomo's budget proposal last week in a state of the state address was pronounced by the governor that the new seven hundred fifty million dollar Wadsworth center will be built at the heroin state office campus in Albany assembly member, Pat Fahey tells W. News. This decision has been in the works for two years. And she's particularly happy with the decision by the governor. These labs are renowned as you know, last year, we had a Nobel prize winner come out of who credited the labs with with his research team. Frank. Who won the chemistry Nobel prize? So these these are renowned they used to be considered the best in the country Wadsworth center, which does critical public health research and scientific analysis now spread them on five days in the area. Most of the buildings are old and in need of upgrades city of Albany Albany competition with the U Albany site in east greenbush, brutally cold weather's led to a number of fires over the past two days. Monday morning house in the eighteen hundred block of avenue, a in Schenectady caught fire five people inside the apartment got out of the house safely. Firi- Kodak Monday afternoon. Flames heavily damaging a home on Sherwood acres road. Also fire in Monroe destroyed a house on seventh street on white Birch estates Moreau everyone made it out of the house safely coming up the W G Y AccuWeather forecast. Saint Clements regional Catholic school reminds you that Catholic schools week is January twenty seventh through.

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