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News The murder trial of the North. Texas police officer moves into its final stages good morning it's six oh five breezy and eighty degrees I'm Tom Cristo and this is, the KRLD Saturday morning news the jury in the ROY Oliver. Murder trial is home for the weekend after testimony wrapped up, yesterday as KRLD LD's LP Phillips tells us closing. Arguments will start on Monday the defense rested first thing and seconds later the prosecution began calling rebuttal witnesses two. Weeks before Oliver shot and killed fifteen year old Jordan Edwards who was leaving a party Oliver was involved. In a traffic accident there's no dispute the off duty cop pulled his gun but the woman. Who is in the Rex's Oliver pointed it at her walked up to the car and Just ask for His gun pointed at me Yeah yesterday Oliver said he never pointed a. Gun at, Monique Aaron Dondo he said he explained. To a Dallas police officer he had the gun against. His chest the whole time, I did point at them but I use my finger to point which one I'm talking, to, l. p. Phillips News Radio ten eighty KRLD Dallas police are telling motorists to be aware on an. Area freeway woman driving on I thirty five e with her daughter. Had a very close call last, night you'll Onda Muneo says while driving, northbound passing west Louisiana avenue someone through. A large rocket or car it slammed into the passenger side door. Where her daughter was, sitting no one was hurt but police say they've received other reports in the area. Of the same thing happening they say officers will be monitoring area closely to. Make sure drivers are safe. A big, bust in Denton last. Night nine, people behind bars after police say the uncovered a large amount of drugs and guns at their home, officers, say they found cocaine meth and k two. Along, with several illegal firearms police say the bus was a result of Several months, long investigation the suspects each face several charges and Irving man who turned a gun and, a, group of would-be robbers has been indicted for murder police say when three teenagers tried to rob Thirty-one-year-old. Gerald Cheney on June fifth Cheney managed to wrestle the gun away. The teens started running and that's, an police say Cheney open fired to, the teens Dodd Cheney claims it was. Self defense multiple charges of sexual misconduct have been filed against the. CDC leader the man, who ran the CDC during a Dallas Ebola crisis has been arrested accused of groping. A woman doctor Tom Friedman is charged with forcible touching sexual abuse and harassment. Fifty five year old woman. Claims Fredin, inappropriately touched her in. His home, last October Friedman denies the allegation that's NBC fives Bryan Curtis a Johnson county deputy has been arrested, on, a child sex charge jeopardy say an investigation. Was, started immediately into Twenty-three-year-old Toby Alison after One citizens, outcry victim a thirteen, year old female and, her family were located at a forensic interview conducted with the victim that resulted in an. Outcry, of sexual misconduct against Alison the reported offense, took, place while Allison was, off duty deputy Aaron Pitts says Allison. Was still in training, and had been hired, two, months earlier following the investigation Allison. Was fired and. Then arrested and charged. With aggravated sexual assault of a child his bond was set at. One hundred thousand dollars of the Dallas ISD is. Still trying to hire about, one hundred bus drivers the first. Day of school was Monday the ISD is operating its own bus services year after voters shut. Down the outside agency the district was. Using for. Transportation services the district is holding a. Job fair, today to try to hire new bus drivers it runs from eight. Until. Two at the former Dallas county schools building on, Samuel boulevard Traffic..

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