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All twice back so now we have a metal back he was so nice why regular music when we came back now is to keep all of your face newsradio agony WHAS to Tony and light show with Hayley has do you like your office of highway safety Jesus no it's Sammy Hagar apple wobbles twenty nine years in the the is that like Michael Landon yeah the thing I hate your guts he served by this on the Spotify app I just thought that was the newest tore tee shirt from Jesus Christ Superstar no but I did love Jeez crossed our would Ted Neeley Carl Anderson a lot a map of what never saw it you're not missing I should wait long enough thank you music but the story leaves something to I got to know the ending yeah well very big may and we all know that is right Debbie Debbie owner rich rich billion or okay he's also starting the XFL again OCU starting that again hopefully he's going to do it right had they just shown these XFL games the way NFL shows them right it would be great is there all the you know music and camera swinging around they had weird stuff like this is how you got the ball to begin the game they put the ball on the fifth on the middle like a fifty yard line and had two guys running full blast at the ball whoever got the ball got the ball just like regular football just make a football yeah but regardless vest with man there was a memo leaked out and have a debt lead the the league minimum is fifty five thousand dollars to play in the XFL for getting up tight so you know it's not you know if you're not paying him and yeah that was actuality that was senator wow that was yeah no that was it thanks for the clip there then so anyway the league minimum in the NFL is four hundred ninety five thousand but on a positive note in the CFL where a lot of players go as Canada we all okay we said a lot of players go to the CFL have we not yes the league been when there is forty nine thousand here's my point what about the average here in the NFL four hundred four thousand four hundred and there's very ninety five there's fifty two spots per roster and here's my here's my point if you could do what you love to do four fifty five thousand dollars a year would you do it and I I don't want to sound insensitive to these people but I left the job and I get paid way less than fifty five thousand dollars for salary I left a job where I made more than that to do this because I love doing that yes but but okay okay junior you're going to say but you can have all that you can't get hurt but you can you don't have a chance of walking away with half your brain and not be able to walk their knees don't do what they don't do it nobody's they're not doing it for the fifty five thousand why are they doing interviews to get to the end go ahead yes Sir question yeah Hanson is ready for you have you a chance to go ahead Paul okay Haley so I is this game this is like do they wear the same assets dot well that yes they're going to cut costs Haley the cult football because we're this I do they also they they all they wear helmets and shoulder pads in Painesville where coordinate outfits for the yes all Kostabi costume they're all playing it go ahead why are people is there a is that I've never heard of this before is everyone like we do the same but different like why why do we have one because they change it up and they try to make it more fun and it's another every people try this all the time it's nave it always think it's great that people love it then Sir paying well the the gold the most famous scene of any X. for X. F. L. game from before was Jeff prom the coach of Purdue and former you'll you'll they'll quarterback was knocked out so viciously he was out like a light on the field for a very long time it was really disturbing to watch is when the worst things that happened to him but that's like the most famous clip from into your city had withers cow hit man yeah yeah they will resist our politics okay they're doing that just to get a shot at the NFL again so if if somebody sees okay like the guy you could pick any name and put it on the back like the most famous guy that played the league was he hates me I was on the back he hate me was his name he was he was returned wide receiver he ended up in the NFL is he was pretty good okay then by your rationale there should be a CFL either then right no I did say that well I did say I said that what they're playing for is but here's the thing veteran man's gonna pay fifty five thousand dollars a year in as the league minimum the CFL pays forty nine thousand one hundred minimum solve the CFL people to go in there and I just say no and the arena football paid about same too by fifty grand a year no I'm not five is not that bad no that's great all not like well great is a great way way above minimum wage yes but again I'm not complain about the money won't save the XFL gold go for it man it's look football's great sport I love it but it is is there some rest yeah yeah yeah yes and if this could take off for the good just plates not following football played the NFL only six it'll be a galactic Philly well I hope TV money could save it but what channels are going to be on the you know I have no idea see there's a that's a big key made TV right now if it's on a network it yeah he was on a network last time right off it was in BC so if it's on a network then it'll work out if if not moon hello here's what I do know if you've got erectile dysfunction you need to get the issue corrected and stop treating the symptoms a lot of places in the yeah you go to two four ET they're gonna give the pills and powders and potions and needles well hi tower men's clinic they don't want to concentrate on that they want to fix the issue of Edie and that's exactly what they do they do with painless.

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