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What i do wonder because disney hasn't said he is well. You're cruise itinerary include a stop at at lighthouse point and at castaway cay or will you have to make a choice about which island you went to go to whenever you sail <music> out to the bahamas. I don't know right. Oh it would be really nice. If they had a couple of ships <hes> that would just visit both islands aw that way you would have just really quiet relaxing times 'cause castaway cay we all my friends <hes> that <hes> they just love going to castaway cay get a gazebo or cabana and just sit out there and just relaxed having massad. I mean it'd be really nice to have two stops on to <hes> you know. Private island experiences arain says and i think that would be amazing now. I understand that the disney wish is going to be a little bit larger than the other four ships at disney as and and it also have a be powered by it's going to be disney's first liquid by natural gas ship so it's going to be also good for the environment environment as well so that's disney doing their part to <hes> help. Keep our environment in our oceans clean. Isn't that exciting as well aw that is i really like that because i am very <hes> in tune to being as environment environmentally friendly as possible of etowah things in my daily life the recycling <hes> i'm into nature and i really went to preserve that i left my birds so you know i really wanna do things to help the environment and help to keep it clean so i'm happy to support disney cruise as line if they are also doing things that kind of resonate with me absolutely absolutely. I really agree with that as well so <hes> erica. This has been some amazing information. Thank you so much <hes> getting everyone. Eric has from the magic for less travel if you're interested in disney any crews are any type of disney vacation a reach out to her. Her link is in the show notes. Thank you very much for coming onto the cruise by guests and giving us this update about the lines. It was my pleasure. Thank you erica. Oh that was informative very informative exactly it. Has i drink by. I didn't even get a sip on my coffee. Value that there you go oh all right so we need to get on to our feature church. Show copy here interview with erica. Did you get your sip of your coffee. They actually got a sip of my coffee. I was gonna say oops. It's now up the show now. Wow man you're all digital. I know you're you you produce this thing. I only have newspapers. These chords like hanging out of places. I know want courts hanging out. I okay okay. I do have to say one thing. Though talking about producing and tom does a really great job at this and there was about i would say a month ago we couldn't and get our podcast out because his one of his devices took up punk does on my ipad and the ipads love i pads love it dearly but what up with it only coming with it's like starting to be no ports nope work and we had actually scramble scramble and find a ipad that you could actually plug yeah well because yeah fortunately i bought my wife and i am new ipad air and it still still have the earphone jack and <hes> yeah we could able to use it and it's actually brand new model which is good because <hes> it's good for the next couple of years but we're definitely moving the technology is kid everything being bluetooth and bluetooth microphones bluetooth breath headphones and hopefully we'll be able to produce everything wireless in the next couple years but you can believe all the wires that we app app come in yeah exactly but <hes> yeah but getting back onto our main featured occurred show topic dark..

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