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Eight three four fifteen thirty BSA cares deeply about all victims of abuse they say sincerely apologize to anyone it was arm during their time in scouting we are outraged they say that there've been times when individuals took advantage of our programs to harm innocent children this according to Roger Mosby's oppression the chief executive officer of BSA John and stocked in high Hey how you doing tonight Pat good John thank you yeah and now once again it's one of those deals where you get a few people they get on the bandwagon and try to take out a program that's all from yeah the Boy Scouts started lord bait al in England and it was done on a service organization I talked for mold as an Eagle Scout with gold bombs to an adult leader of training cub scout masters and leaders for their runner up taxes well the children as well as a major event coordinator and planner for the scouting program and use them here outlaw out of stock back in the eighties nineties and early two thousand all right the thing is is that you know no matter what whether it be a Catholic Church saying that the older boys were being molested yeah that is kind of file it in in certain spots any time you have children involved yes our guarantee of the wrist but on they do a job whether it be the Boy Scouts and girl scouts YMCA or any organization that watches overture children do they do a good job of maintaining that yes they do and I mean for the amount of people that are claiming that they were molested or sexually assaulted or sexually abused threw it out later would be very hard to believe and I mean you know that's coming from now is a boy scout growing up in this gallery programs in the early seventies two of my own children were involved in the scouting program like I say between the eighties in the early two thousand and become a leader I mean you know I went as far as would bags which is the highest honor you can get as an adult service volunteer for the scouting program and not once did they ever you know alleviate a training program first I used to watch out born or people that are coming into the group that want to be involved a file photo or you know Joe of people there predators on children or young young young adults or teenagers no not goes for whether it be boys girls clubs Gallup struggle cubs or the explorer program and I mean once again you got a whole home program six that was over a hundred years of age and people are trying to take these programs down just like they are well you can't have George Washington set on a high school anymore because the review was a slave trader can have Abraham Lincoln doing that because he was involved yeah sure I mean it's it's getting to the point where it out a hand and basically all the organizations Norman Rockwell probably would have been if he was still alive or around to this day even a problem probably been the dean down for the pain because the result is provocative note it is provocative not doing things the right way the bottom line is it's got it's gotten way too far and for the Boy Scouts granite I believe it was nineteen eighty five or eighty six the Mormon church took over the Boy Scouts of until that point wage jobs in America was run out of New Brunswick New Jersey New Jersey and it was private organization you know but what five years ago secure the girl the girl scout troop of Boy Scouts or use any improper name of scouting yes right I don't like okay improper why would they do that because you know the thing is yeah yeah I already had a girl scouts in a you know I have three daughters I wouldn't want him in a group of young boys between the ages of six which would be tiger cubs up to about fourteen or fifteen which would be the boy scout but once they get into the explorer program which serves various groups for explorers to now you get your learn job knowledge of as well as future job organization for job surcharges medical from soft fire department you know at that point yes you can have a co ed organization because there is a little bit more structure to that program and you do have both of male and female there are one to chaperone them advance you know but I mean even as a scout leader I seen it you know and this was in the letter saying that I need in their two thousand were telling me you know you tell him all we're going to go canoeing with your son this weekend and you need to pick up your son at the park at nine o'clock in the evening well listen hi Mister Brad muscle last your comment there sorry about that what a point see you brought up there I was gonna respond to one of them but let me he made various they stand on their own see if we can fit in Mike before the break by can for solo you know that well so I might Hey I liked what you guys said I too was has now been a scout leader for many years and I'm part of the Mormon church and I don't know if you know but just last year the marcher told out of scouting I think you know I don't want to I don't speak for the church but he was more because they were then going to allow not only girls but also Hey Mike I'm gonna put I'm bike I'm gonna put you on hold there I want to give you a chance to speak and say everything ninety one fifteen thirty one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty don't interrupt you will return straight ahead our local news breaking news traffic and weather news ninety three point one A. F. B. K. earlier today president trump defined this request from his Attorney General time to stop the tweeting a bad department of justice criminal case now its journey general William Barr has told people close to the president that he is thinking about resigning in an exclusive interview last week with ABC news Barr said that the president's tweets make it quote impossible to do its job won't believe itch is a free man now the president trump has commuted the fourteen year prison sentence the former governor of Illinois was serving for political corruption follow the law every step of the way I've said all along and that's absolutely the case Brooklyn which was convicted in twenty eleven of crimes that included seeking to sell an appointment to the Senate seat that was held by former president Obama the president also granting pardons for among other people former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik Bernie Sanders campaign says it plans to ask for a partial recount of the Iowa caucuses results the state Democratic Party second weekend was so he'd be booted judge in a statistical tie Derry helping re BC news and.

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