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I'm Ted Sobel in our Sports USA Studios in Los Angeles. And what a hockey game and what a great way to start up the playoffs is the Boston Bruins fall at Washington by a score of 3 to 2, thanks to an old T goal of little tip in action, thereby nicked out the caps got off to a one to nothing lead. In the first period. Tom Wilson scoring at the 6 22 mark and then Jacob Brusque tied it up for the bees that a 11 game of 13 10 and that also said Toe the Capitals goaltender V. Tech Vantage, check the rookie right to the locker room. He had a lower body injury and never did return. So kudos to the replacement. 39 year old Craig Anderson coming in to do the job. The caps out shot the Bruins 32 to 26 overall in this hockey game, but certainly stellar in the Nets was Craig Anderson. In the meantime, it was a capitals again getting a goal to start the second period for a 2 to 1 lead Brendan Dillon from Anthony Manta and Alex Ovechkin and 8 44, and the bees came right back. Got themselves the lone power play goal of the night. Nik Richie scoring from David Pasternack and Charlie McEvoy at 16 40. Then who knows how long this game could've God, It was two to going into O T back and forth, everybody hitting anything that moves and finally it came down to the 4 41 Mark Kevin Miller shot Locked in front and that drops Brendan Dillon. Slowly he gets up to try to get back into the play. He'll go to the bench is the caps carry the other way. Wilson drops it for OSI. He scores.

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