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Story the senate has unveiled the health care plan what is is it how different is it from the house plant well if you with the cnn they'll tell you it tracks very closely to the the affordable care act if you listen to the senators they will tell you they've come up with something new and better if he lets republican senator listen the dental care them they will tell you that this these mean heartless and just the house plan with sharper teeth we've learned more about it the medicaid expansion phase out slower than the house bill but the cuts may be more as being described dramatic they'll be tax credits to buy insurance that are more generous than the house though we heard mitch mcconnell talking about the blowing targeted tax credits and yes there is a conversation about defunding planned parenthood for a year is being called the better care reconciliation act of twenty seven teen and while this is happening there is a story in the shadows of bout nancy pelosi the house minority leader and how long she has in a leadership position because she could be looking at early retirements and if at least not actually retiring being forced out democrats tired of losing the president trump most recently in that georgia's sixth special election have gone vocal with their anger at pelosi's leadership or lack thereof who replaces a nancy pelosi what kind of person replaces a nancy pelosi will i what's the anger for the anger is is that they lose and the and here is that you have a company had to lose and they are tired of losing and if you talk to members if you hear what they have to say they are being very very direct and focused in their disdain four nancy pelosi including commentaries that are in the open i absolutely will vote for again she simply can't lead you to winning there there as direct as the day is long this is certainly new democrats are usually very good at hiding any type of anger or frustration may have with in the party they do the best that they can to keep that quiet to keep.

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