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To join the armed forces but many are still waiting for basic training as he undergo background checks and they fear there could be deported if daca expires before that but madda says daca recipients in the military won't be deported wherever that doesn't include people who commit serious felonies or who have already received a deportation order npr's richard gonzalez reporting on white house spokesman says chief of staff john kelly was not fully aware of the spousal abuse claims against a presidential aide when he called the man a man of true integrity and pair scott horsely reports that the aide resigned wednesday in clean out his desk thursday spokesman russia acknowledges the white house could have handled its response to the abuse allegations better officials initially stood up for staff secretary rob porter despite complaints of domestic violence from two of porters exwives i did talk to the present earlier jj ali is very saddened by these vital for ports in by the information that he saw by the images that he saw we do take violence against women in these types of allegations very seriously porter denies the domestic violence claims the white house accelerated his departure after a photo surfaced during one of the women with a black guy scott horsely npr news the white house asian markets are down sharply following steep declines on wall street with blue chips and the nasdaq falling around four percent this is npr news in oregon lawmaker is heating calls to resign after an investigation found he sexually harassed women in the state capital building for years a fifty one page investigative report concludes that state senator jeff crews continued unwanted physical contact with the women despite warnings to stop a senate panel had scheduled a hearing to determine whether to take action against crews need denied any wrongdoing but says his resignation as effective march 15th vice president mike pence will head the us delegation at.

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