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Lil prayer the fbi has if we are with me home if what's happening weirdos an amazing episode with nathan willett my new pell from the great banned cold war kids if you guys don't know cold war kids they are incredible as i discuss in this episode they were my pick made the official pick me up music of my ride into the pete home show and i i can't tell this moment as awkward or not he'll have to tell me when you hear it it also the inspiration for the theme song which i'm not sure out nathan felt about that uh for for the pete hope zhou yeah it was uh it was um miracle mile was the song that inspired we candidate a sound alike yeah but you know i i think he i think he was 5bullet obviously so let's make it up for nathan and download a bunch of cold war kids uh because of this great conversation um no official sponsor here just as always the pete's the peter's picks of make it official my name is peter these are peter specs uh it's so funny i just had dinner with an old friend of mine um who got back into because he listen to me and earn a new valerie on that episode my friend nick and heat one of the first things he asked me was one of the things that a lot of people ask me which is do you really take our brand and there was like yes and when we laugh he took him to my car and gave him a bottle which he was uh i don't know why people are surprised i mean it peers picks are real i take these products every day i swear by them alpha brain is a earth grown new a trope eric uh i was telling him that i showed the ingredients to my fancy uh los angeles dr nutritional is dr hybrid and she was like these are all good.

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