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Wins news time eight twenty nine ten ten wins accuweather calls for possibly an evening shower tonight under mostly cloudy skies low fifty four the clouds will break up tomorrow and then some sun and a high of sixty eight high again a high sixty eight again rather on tuesday under partly sunny skies warming up to seventy four on wednesday with more sunday clouds expected high seventy do for us on thursday good evening i'm donavan wins news time at the tone eight thirty good evening i'm mario boss gas hawaii's killilea volcano continues to rage destroying homes at last report twentyone homes destroyed throwing up molten rock dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide to an experts say it's not over yet here's ben thomas that's lava sizzling in the streets inside the evacuation zone on hawaii's big island where more than seventeen hundred people have fled their homes the hawaii volcano observatory says eight vents each several hundred yards long have opened in the lonnie estates neighborhood since thursday sam naz is among those who stayed behind credible fuming roaring it was thundering rox from flying out of the ground he spoke to ask cheryl griffith says the eruptions caught many by surprise people's dash dreams they're not recruit scientists say killer is likely to release more lava through more vents but they can't predict where the eruptions were accompanied by six point nine magnitude earthquake friday the island's most powerful since nineteen seventy five according to the us geological survey wins news time eight thirty one from the ram trucks traffic center here's rebecca is ours so let's start off in new jersey that disabled vehicle right by.

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