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The guy in the white is Thomas Davis. That's been a teammate in both of theirs for a long time. So camps raising Kelvin, Benjamin enough l. man a year, a great man. Great do. And so he sees Kelvin Benjamin already talking with Thomas Davis, and it looks like a Panthers equipment, guy staff or whatever it is now Cam walks up on him, and Cam is a big guy, and he does get all up in Kelvin's personal space. And I would imagine it was because it looked like the look on Cam space in the beginning. It's like, what were you saying? And then he flashes that ten. Million dollar smile and throws his hand up for some debt and where it gets serious is when the camera pans here, and you see cams hand is now extended in front and he's see, he looks at his hand, sees Benjamin will not even shake hand. That's when he says the Thomas Davis. No, we gotta talk and can't puts his hand behind his back. So we're not gonna get any confrontation here, but we won't even shake my hand way. You won't even shake my hand you. But why are you in my face though? Because you were talking wild about me? Is that really how you feel you feel you feel? I was the worst thing that happened, man, you better not becoming up in my face. You come all the way across the field. Like there was a lot of different things Cam could do. Now, Cam is in the right right here, but you don't get an anyone's personal space. Yata nude host, touch them, touched him with his body. If someone on the street, did this to you, you would feel uncomfortable. If someone on the street, you feel a little different. If someone you know whenever relational business, the facts right here. All right. Kelvin. Benjamin. After making the statement, he's already been reprimanded by the team, the general manager and the head coach got on him for bringing unnecessary attention before this preseason game. Because the thing about it was he was getting ready. They were playing Carolina. So that led to the comments about Cam Newton. So he's already been reprimanded. There's not a lot that key can do obviously, because his sound bite from the interview. He said that I'm moving on. That was his only response because basically the team has told him, we want to remove non. We're moving on from this now. Kelvin Benjamin to me. He talked about Cam as far as what Cam new as far as football him explain themselves. He didn't do a good job of that. Cam was not right in coming across the field and invading his personal space, bad things can happen. I've tried to tell you how NFL locker rooms work. We saw OB Jay, how it escalated from on the field in warmups to end the game, they end up being end up fighting on the field. So Kelvin Benjamin, you can have whatever pin you want about what he said about Cam. But when Cam who is one of the thirty two starting quarterbacks in this league, he is a former MVP when you walk across the field, invade another person's personal space, right? Can't move not right in doing that. It's now talking to address an icon, but shoo not make body contact with a nother human being a right. You wouldn't do it in office. You wouldn't do it out on the street. So. So why are you doing that? To me the reason that I would say, why are you doing that to me? Because it's not as you say, all the time, it's not a regular office and it's not out on the street, and I been in that office. Don't touch me. Okay. That's fine. But it's not like we're guessing on that absolute. But even having been in that offense or that office, pardon me in any walk of life, there's few things you can do more disrespectful than someone trying to shake your hand and you will not shake their hand. That is, that is something you do to someone you have. So little regard for and so much disgust for I, I see people on a regular basis, but somewhat often that I like either because of who they are professionally or who they are personally, I'm not big fans of theirs, but if they try to shake my hand, I'm not going to walk by him. I'm not going to keep my hand..

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