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The war hawks signature star said over a military grade greenfield. It is the one thousand seventy four women who served in the women airforce service pilots wasp corps during world war two. The wasp's became the first woman to fly for the us. Military after training at avenger field in sweetwater texas and were tasked with performing crucial domestic flying duties. Like ferrying military planes and serving on to- targets quadrants. But the opportunity to join the wasp core was largely limited to white women while a handful of women of color served in the unit. Not a single black applicant was to the program. The outright rejection of black women set wa- sp- apart from other us military services during this time says matthew f delmonte a history professor at dartmouth college. Who specializes in african american history and the history of civil rights what stands out about. The wasp's is that they excluded black women entirely. He tells time while the rest of the military and auxiliary services were segregated. They at least allowed. African americans to participate although the creation of wasp was a landmark moment for women in the military mont says that focusing solely on that narrative furthers the whitewashing of american history. What often isn't about is the fact that even if white women were getting different to new opportunities that almost always ran parallel with the maintenance or extension of racial discrimination and racial barriers. He says to only talk about white women's side of the wasp story and not also talk about the fact that black women were denied that opportunity even ones who were qualified and had commercial pilot's licenses misses the broader context. We can't tell one story without telling the other. In april sixteen statement to time nike the wnba and the wings said they had made the joint decision to pull the wings rebel uniform..

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