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Welcome back to the show. Thank you for tuning in you guys. There is a multitude of podcasts. You could be listening to the fact that you keep tuning into earn. Your happy makes me super happy so we have got an awesome guest on the show for you today. I had the honour of going to dinner with this couple which today emily interviewing one of them. I already had Rachel Hollis on and now I get to have Dave Hollis on the show and you're gonNA love this conversation. I am telling you. It is so much fun to get the other perspective of the other person and really learn about the inner workings of different people's businesses in life and When we went to dinner together which will share a little bit on here. I can tell you that number one. This is what I look for in a couple a couple who can throw down. Sushi with you. That's very important on my list and we check the box on that one so I think they love it as much as we do and also just people who really love to support each other are laid back and also who truly are just committed to their vision and the people that they get to serve. And that is who Dave Haller says he serves as the CEO of the company where he chases audacious streams with his partner. Nco The extraordinary New York Times bestselling author motivational speaker and World Changer. Rachel Hollis if you haven't heard of them I'm not sure the rocky lavender must be large. I don't know the hose company is built around the belief that everybody is made for more. It exists to arm people from every background with the tools to change their life for the better. Their content is a mix of encouragement authentic truth telling intangible direction to make lasting change. They create tools and foster community to help people grow in their relationships business sense of self and opportunities to impact others you guys. I just scrolled through some of their pictures on instagram and seeing their arise conference was It gave me chills. It was completely overwhelming and beautiful. And I get to hear about all of the things that go on at the conferences which I will make my way to very soon and if you are feeling like you need to go to the next level absolutely if it's coming to your area or fly there you guys you need to get their Dave has an incredible book coming out that we are going to talk about and the hall is Comedy Measures Success in impact. How can the media live events and merchandise they produce create real and lasting change? Outside of the hall is company Davis a member of the motion picture academy and he sits on the Membership Committee. He serves on an innovation. Board called Fandango labs as well as the board of will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneers. The Border Foster Care Charity Austin Angels and the Board of Pepperdine's Institute for Entertainment Media and Culture. He believes in the importance of variety in a career for considering any candidate his myriad of jobs and research publicity management have truly rounded his expertise and afford an informed solution oriented macro view of any business. You guys he has four children. He's no dominated father and a four time foster dad. He's truly an incredible human. And before we jump into the PODCAST. I want to remind you that the blissed project is coming up. It is the last weekend of March and I say this all the time but I cannot stress the importance especially after getting done with event love. All of the women said they didn't know if they were ready. They didn't feel ready or they didn't have the money and they just got themselves in the room and their life changed. You have to just get yourself in the rooms and I will tell you the epic human beings of every level that comment in this room to find their tribe to find their answers to connect. You will not leave without an answer because we make sure you step into your fear and get out of your own way and truly we support you in every way around that even if you're nervous even if you're scared even if you're just freaking excited we want to army with the tools going into this twenty twenty year to make a total difference and have the connection and tribe that you want so you guys go to the Bliss Project Dot Info right now to reserve your ticket. We don't have that many left. We tend to sell half of the event out at event which is quite crazy. Guys that says a lot about the event when over fifty percent of your participants by for the next year at that event so that is just a huge testimony. Oh this will be our. I think our eighth or ninth bliss project and there's some big things going down here I'm just GonNa say this one is monumental. You need to get here. It's going to be different than all of them for a couple of different reasons and I'm offering an opportunity to everybody there as well. So get your butt in the seat and let's get started.

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