College Application Month


About college application month what it is and how your family can get involved in your local area. So the American college application campaign is a national effort with middle schools hosting in school college application events, and this typically happens around October or November. So although college application Month Club. Hello for the most part in October It's Not Unusual to see a high schools do events in November and some of these events include workshops writing workshops workshops on completing the FAFSA understanding the financial aid process or actually writing your essays you I find a lot of public schools do this and their English classes where students are required to work on their personal statement essay. So they actually carve some time out for students to do this and it's also a time when many colleges offer fee waivers, whether it's for the entire month a week or just a day and so it's a great time for students to really focus on applying for college. And so the reason why this event exists its primary purpose is really to help High School seniors, navigate the college application and admissions job. Process and to ensure that they apply to at least one post secondary institution. So again these efforts occurred during this the school day with a focus on students who might not otherwise apply to school or for students who are planning to apply and typically do apply in a geographical region or for school to help the schools get very organized and focus on those efforts. So a college application month really does build excitement and enthusiasm around the college application and the echo rationed process. And what I want you to know is that sometimes for some schools they have college application month. They may have college application week or they may extended over several weeks or even a day or few days. So although the organization calls a college application month the way it looks in your school, maybe a live birth. Bit different but what I want students to do is to reach out their high school guidance counselor or go online for your school and I'm going to share another resource where you can find out as well, but find out you know what your school is doing what's happening in your area your region and in your state because again so many great things happened during that time in terms of information, but one of the big things that I really like is that many colleges offer fee waivers. So this is application fee waivers because here's the truth, you know, the most common application fee to apply schools about $50 and if students are applying to let's just say for colleges at $50 that's $200. And so anytime you can save money on this process cuz this is a cost that family's really don't think about kind of one of those hidden costs such as test scores and you know sitting down, Test and sitting your scores and if you do it after you sit for the test, you know, all these little fees can begin to add up. So if you're able to eliminate a fee all the better, so again often colleges in an area will wave after wave the college application or college admissions application fee that can save you money. So it's really important to find out what your your school the colleges where you're looking to apply. What are they doing and let me give you some examples of just how different it can look some states offer in partnership with their local colleges and these are public university and colleges and sometimes even private ones but they have waivers for the entire month. Sometimes students have to enter a code maybe in the Common App to get that fee waived. Sometimes they offer it for a week typically in North Carolina game. Have offered it for a week this year. They're extending it for two weeks. So students are able to apply to the colleges that participate in North Carolina without having to pay the application fee for up to two weeks. And then in Colorado, they actually have Colorado free application. So this year is going to be on Tuesday October 13th falls on a Tuesday and students who reside in the state of Colorado can apply to all 32 oz public colleges and universities and Colorado as well as a few private colleges without having to pay that application fee. So again, it's really important to pull ahead and see you know, if my school is offering or the school. I'm interested in attending if they're going to waive that application fee go ahead and get it in before that fee waiver expiry. Is very important

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