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People. We started working on the story. I thought it was going to be a story about a cultural object something that people in different side of America's political divide saw completely differently. And it is a story about a cultural object. The object in question is not truck nuts. The object is humor itself truck nuts makes some people laugh, but the people who find them gross or crass or stupid or the bleeding edge of all sorts of odious ideological positions. Don't quite believe that anyone could be buying truck nuts as just a joke. We imagine that they are on some levels sincere. And this makes us laugh. Meanwhile, truck understood people who don't find truck nuts. Funny who don't get why. They're funny who don't the irony in them are up tight, and they in turn get a kick out of that people actually find funny about truck nuts, then has very little to do with being a pair of balls and everything to do with them being apparent evidence that other Americans have a bad sense of humor. Well, you're seeing happened with truck nuts. Like what happens to an unhappy? Couple that ends up fighting about the same thing. No matter what the cause in this case, the cause is a pair of plastic testicles, but the fight devolve into what it always does everyone talking past each other and projecting the worse things onto the other side, including the idea that the other side isn't funny at all a shared sense of humor. Of course is a really important thing to a functioning relationship without one. There's no pressure release. There's just endless conflict, and that's pretty much where we are. Right now about things way more important than truck nuts. What's crazy about this fight in particular? Is it Americans of every political persuasion, find balls funny instead of being something that divides us, I can imagine a world in which truck nuts? United us or United those people who are really tickled by extremely basic dick jokes because that's the world were actually living in a world in which truck nuts. Customer base supply. Sizing -ly partisan. This is the coda ring I'm willa passed, and you can find me on Twitter at willow Paskhin, and you have any cultural mysteries you want us to code. You can Email us at Dakota rang at slate dot com. If you haven't yet subscribe and rate are feed in apple podcasts or ever you. Get your podcasts and even better tell your friends this podcast was written by willa Pasquin and was reduced at edited by Benjamin fresh who also does 'lustration for every episode. Thanks does Acharya Blair Tonia Senda, Dan Perot. Barbara chang. Scott bischoff. Franko Fuda Selena Allah, Phil Edwards. Macklemore? Oh, Christina rucci forest. Whitman Jennifer, s Barranca, Cleo Levin, June Thomas, and everyone else give us help and feedback along the way. Thanks for listening.

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