Emily Row, Congress, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Congress returns on Monday for a lame duck session, Emily row. ABC news is with us from Washington high. Emily, hey there. How are you? Good. Their reports that some in the Republican party would like to try to pass sweeping new immigration reform before Democrats, take control in January. That'd be a tough task. They have not been able to get that done prior to this lame duck session. What's the likelihood major legislation like that gets passed during the lame duck? Yeah, it sounding like they might take it up and talk about it. Now, the definition of major that's up for debate here. Of course, President Trump wants his wall, he wants funding major funding for that wall. And the Democrats have said that's not going to happen. We're not going there. Now, they've said they wanna talk about immigration just like the president does. And just like the Republicans want to get something done on it. I think it could come up, and it could maybe have some productive conversation. Whether or not anything gets by that actually. Has you know, those earmarks for an actual wall that I think is less likely to happen. Are these lame duck sessions, Emily, traditionally low drama affairs, or are there sometimes major pieces of legislation that do get past. You know, it depends on the year and what's going on. But there are some major funding bills that need to get passed by the end of the year. The farm Bill is one of them because it sound very exciting. But you know, big big factors for the agriculture industry in our country. You've got a lot of farmers that have dealt with uncertainty trade disputes, low prices for their commodities all that stuff going on. They really want to get something done by the end of the year. That's something that comes up every five years. It also includes food stamps the snap program. That's a big sticking point. It has been going back and forth between Republicans and Democrats in both both chambers of congress actually that one. I think might might get done the hold up. There was that the Republicans wanted tougher work rules to be in that snap program. But you know, I think that they. Might come together and try to show some bipartisan effort in progress by the end of the.

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