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Coaching the GM work hand in hand, and I can't imagine a scenario where urban Meyer would not Take this job if he didn't have a GM that he could work, well, memory NFL quarterback turning and let's Mark Brunell on the decision by Jacksonville Toe higher Urban Meyer as their next head coach. Good morning. From our Mercedes Benz have played US forces came Steve Lamb. Brunel is, um, most remembered for his playing days in Jacksonville, where he's now doing their radio broadcast. Sounds confident, admire, who enjoyed a lot of success as a college coach at Ohio State in Florida can also be successful coaching in the NFL. Easier said than done in the playoffs this weekend. Some great young quarterbacks in the league on the field. Kansas City has Patrick the home. Mahomes hosting Cleveland with Baker Mayfield, but you've also got Buffalo at home against Baltimore on Saturday night. The Ravens with Lamar Jackson, the reigning M V P And the bills with Josh Alan or enemies on Saturday, and we both know that but I mean, he's just one of those guys again. I can't say enough about just how good it would do. He is. It makes you love him that much more on the field. This could be the best game of the weekend. They're playing against Saturday after the Rams at the Packers. Sunday, Kansas City at home against Cleveland and in Tampa Bay, with the two veterans Tom Brady and Drew Brees playing at New Orleans. In Atlantic Brewing has lined up a host of celebrity investors, including JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and cyclist Lance Armstrong, according to Nielsen to promote their brand. The non alcoholic beer market in the U. S. Is on the rise up from last year. 132 million to 184 million and despite the pandemic, the nonalcoholic crap beer market Is up over 300% year today. Heineken has a non alcoholic beer sodas, backs Bush and Coors. Not a big fan, but a lot of people are trying it that protect on sports and Steve Land..

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