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No but he's a good dude he's got to be on this gel he's gonna come on the podcast when he stays grab awaringha we happen john staten your you get a cellphone colin cooper rat paul is check out his cellphone he's looking through contacts of stars of stars norman lear abnormally low guy norman lear you want to block that one i mean how do you remember the name of the script that uh i don't i have levers what would i i got to call i got to talk to so many cool people working for ranh though because they would call to speak to him and he was just busy do he ged he is so devoted when he is in the middle of a a film he was writing a new one and also doing post on on vanilla sky he just jungles himself up and just rights and rights and rights and then does all the post he was a lovely lovely guy to work for and what you where did you ever where i was insistent i was on a second assistant so i would get him his a long neck budweisers and dungeness crab at phone i do mike catt jeff took think it's a phone jae chung achieve this is it this is the phone of john q 2 says that it's happening i might be the answering machine of john cusack though rugrats kennedy and trending now man that will leave a message harry.

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