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Gyms dorm room. They record tracks. Listen to music and this young man was actually having trouble adapting poem he wrote to song. He wrote a poem about vincent van gogh that artists l. d. As you may have guessed it was way. The don mclean who would eventually drop out of villanova but he did go and and and make nothing of his life. So kids got finished though. I actually love that song. Vincent fence it is. I put that above american pie any day. Day joe yeah. Do you know this is what starry starry Who is ray. Allen is so pretty. Well jim croce was apparently there. When it was being ashdown's won't go gotta cool now. Jim at a lot of friends. That were largely accepted except for bill. Reid bill is a character. He played music with jam along with two other. Gentlemen carlson bach. And of course. Sal now the interesting about bill was he was about twenty eight and he hung out with college kids. So there's that he was loud he was crass. He swore all the time but the biggest problem the coaching family had with. This guy was the fact that he was irish. Finicky ally marriage well. This guy was explicit to and apparently no stranger to bar fights but he was essential connection to get jim that respectable job. Bill played the guitar and the banjo would often play with jim. Bill was also a card carrying construction union member and a format. So the deal. The two worked out. Was jim would teach bill guitar and bill would bring him on a truck driver so he would drive the dump trucks and construction trucks around the site. Which is very interesting if you know where gyms music catalog kinda goes. This is where. Jim started becoming what most would consider to be the ballot ear of the work. The songs he'll into at that time whereby artists like jimmy. Rogers lefty frizzell and of course. Tj viewers the great merle haggard so. So he's heavily into country absolute point amid lefty and merle and can i can i give an off kilter off topic fun fact. I'll stomach so you guys know that. I love the paranormal investigator and so we actually went up to a place called pressing castle and apparently one of the most famous. Inmates was merle haggard. Oh yeah that was. That was kinda cool. 'cause we got to see your pictures of young merle hunk as he as went in for grand theft auto merle merle gautier de niro got arrested while he was doing common san quint impressive all the thing he okay so the san quentin is really close to pressing castle and at the time before pressing castle. Was bill ten. Quinton is where everybody whether you are eight or eighty didn't matter and so they actually built pressing castle for that specific purpose. He got up news arrested for making beer. Oh come on who clinton he didn't actually turned twenty one in prison due in life without parole. Who was doing like five ten. You look. I must say does very interesting. That's an interesting influence because merle is often called like the poet of the working man. Absolutely am so. It's so that so. It's it's interesting. Because i wouldn't necessarily thought that the gym was was was so influenced that was was a big listener country music but apparently really influenced by merle because he has down almost exactly the same path as what. Merle does absolutely and the other thing that jim picked up was just stories from these people he worked with he would constantly listen to them and hear stories about how they were on the road and got into fights and again knowing gyms catalog all of the tracks you know. So it's really fascinating. So that was the quote respectable job that bill. The filthy irishman was able to land him the other way he. You married an irish irish. I'm half our families. Irish and it gets real interesting the other way. Jim paid his way through college. Was by being a dj. He was villanova's w wvu. He actually was the host of a blues and folk our where he would play a lot of the songs he grew up with and even bringing institute on occasion where his friends. Tony accardo would actually work alongside jim at station. And that actually led to a very unique opportunity in the winter of nineteen sixty three which of course yes was mere months after kennedy's assassination asked me anything about disasters. I can tell you. Villanova university was selected to host a hootenanny philadelphia convention hall on january twenty fifth. I don't think nineteen fifty four. I don't think that into our repertoire. what would i realize we have. We have name. Yeah hey rides danga okada fandango everything. We've we've touched all those now. I didn't know that being a who nannies actually specific it should not be confused with a hoedown and i learned the difference. Researching is episode. A hootenanny is an informal community social event revolving around folk music. So there you go. The hootenanny was scheduled for january. Twenty fifth nineteen sixty four and the main shall we guest of honor would be woody guthrie pete seeker so big names. Their pizza form their venosa. No these they are huge huge fault guys and as spectrum case in particular a voice of protest and dissent against vietnam war absolutely which were not were not. Well i guess we're we're we're right up by the way we're knocking on the door. Oh yeah yeah so. Needless to say. Jim tommy and the other members of the coventry lads were. She picked to not only perform at hootenanny but to find other talents. Because there's sort of a talent competition and those auditions rectory scheduled to be held. After jim's show at a local radio station wd yes which is today phillies one. Oh point three so. The station is still actually. They play r&b and throwbacks as they put it but close enough now every mentioned ingrid and her family were now in the south darby area and ingrid was working with local singing groups one of which was called the rum runners and this group was made entirely of male cadets plus inger guys one girl and the reason they did at as i said they wanna be strong female singer to sort of give dimension to their sound so at the age of sixteen angered became a member of the run workers. Now i think. I saw that video. Oh boy rally put the warning on. We did yeah. So we're we're in the clear now. The interesting thing is ingrid actually found out about hootenanny and she convinced her group audition because she wanted to meet. Pete seeger so that was the whole motivation behind it and so we take to a snowy night in december. Jim is actually wrapping his show at www. Tommy cardo they get into jim's nineteen sixty one. Vw bug which was nicknamed the reason for its green color. We're going to get back to the reason because by the time it gets retired which is almost ten years from now. It was noted that the car had over three hundred thousand miles on the odometer. All gal occa- put down out. What's the bust house. You have ever.

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