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Right. Gave thanks. The pandemic has dramatically altered how we vote with ballots mailed to every voter in nine states and absentee voting permitted for all in thirty four more in tonight's vote watch Morgan Radford on the challenges in battleground. North Carolina. Christopher Gibson says he's voted in every election but this year North Carolina, he voted by mail for the first time. Voting, very important. I grew up in the Jim. Crow decided you were going to vote no matter what the call had to crawl. I would have gone, but his mail in ballot was rejected. He was missing a witness signature in North Carolina more than a million people have requested mail in ballots this year but the rate of rejection for mail in ballots those sent back because of inconsistencies is four times higher for black voters than white ones. Be Fighting to vote and twenty twenty. Here are some of the issues that county officials election offices like this one are seeing. For example, some of these mail in ballots may be missing a signature or the signature of a witness, which is something that North, Carolina requires and for voters who are used to voting in personal early voting for the first time on a mail in ballot could lead to some mistakes state election officials stress that the ballot review process bipartisan. That neither the envelope nor the ballot contained information about the voters race and voters are given a chance to correct their ballots before. Day still some voters are wary. Mickan sure that I did everything right according to the rules and making sure there's no excuses for my vote.

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