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Messages instead that's your that's your account so you do not have yet another triple negative ones of being negative again doesn't it yeah that's it all right I don't think I think I learned that in the positive maybe the future of the forty Niners starts today on draft day what the hell I did a movie I did to the customer we we should have seen it no I don't know like is only so terrible but it's it's an odd premise for a movie hello in our presence that thing gross at the box office profiting tonsillar much tomato either yeah the overhead resistance overhead was get the rights of the NFL's team names was probably all they had to do it right to the team in the member casar member the coach of the country's your guidance Denis Leary is the coach of the team all my god that's when he's coaching the Browns NFL coach yeah it's not there is any thank you didn't pay me three point seven five million a year to come over from Dallas yeah I don't know he's he's only number I'm smoking and drinking on my modern blitzes yeah I was going to go to he's got a problem do you know like you don't like the way doctors are on the team yeah Hey I I got a look at what it what it grows twenty nine and a half million worldwide who do you know what yeah I did it all take it if I'm the producer give me twenty have you worked in Hollywood this is that's a workman like twenty nine military on the way audiences delta farce the better day state by the way with money texted me yeah you are listening to America and our offensive register these sports leader Murph and mac on draft day start now good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show with Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey sports that can be our studios sponsored by Reno's grand Sierra resort and casino here's Murfin bank draft day god bless god freakin bless so many people ask me I walk the dog around the neighborhood every staffing well it's always a president like are you are you are you are you going on the air thanks for tuning in this is an important way to watch your neighbors the equivalent question you could ask somebody else in their own line of work you know like the status of a lawyer you know he's still employed or whatever I don't know but or like you like it like Bruce Springsteen gets on for like a six month old network and he's like taking his garbage.

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