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Of the exclusion specialist studios busy hour number two a lot to be looking forward to here on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi clark clarkin the coach coming up next from eleven to twelve. That's a great program. Called johnson and bruce dick put on the highschool season right around the corner along with the college football season that we talked with the host of the whole show. Twelve the to Birdie whole about earlier they ulsan hubbard show from one to two today and then of course the good afternoon guy. Brian gary three to five great new program here on. Kfi game ryan. Let's introduce our guest here that joins us for the headline that caught our eye angel. Welcome in morning. Tanner you You and i we're on the same wavelength. We both got rid of the facial hair. Yup i was getting a little too. Hot as cody said a nice little hot streak of weather. So i was getting so bad. It's just like you can just feel it to mike. Why is it not that. I can grow much of a beard. But i'm like why is it so much warrant am i gonna hates. Don't shave that often either. Yeah so this is rare. It has to get really hot for you to jail all right well. I think a lot of people are doing that as well. Let's get to the headline the cutter. I comes from cbs news. Five parents separated at british zoo after encouraging each other to curse profusely guests. That would be something. I would love to take responsibility for. Teaching them. that but These parents are so weird I don't think i would ever want one. But the fact that they can just Talk like that is insane to me right. Now they're cussing people. Yeah so british. Wildlife sanctuary has been forced to separate five parents who would not stop swearing at visitors keeper. Say the birds encouraged each other to keep cursing and had to be moved to an outdoor. Avery that is just bizarre to me. So they they. I view them like children. I mean that's really what they're right. That's how they described the one of the keepers say They swear to trigger reaction or response and seeing the people shocked or laughing at them they get a kick out of it they start laughing with each other and they just keep going with the curse words. That's awesome. i mean i made. It's not some further for the people at the zoo. Could you just imagine walking up to an exhibit. And then all of a sudden you're getting cussed at by a bird and what are you gonna do throw a rock at it. They think it's great. The birds names are billy eric tyson. Jade and elsie right troublemakers. They do so they separated them. I mean i feel like that's this just when the teacher separate the kids in class who have too much fun together To try and focus but i mean they would have had to move him a relatively far distance away right because they can still here yere. And they're they're going to keep them separated because they don't want them communicating with the other bird right so they don't need two hundred and fifty. Charred this is this is the real pandemic that we need to be worried about. These birds cussing everybody. How did they learn those words though. I don't know somebody's got to be responsible right night. Staff is just the janitor so so ticked off at the amount of poop that they had to clean up that they just let some cuss words and they picked up on it. I guess some pet's bizarre well appreciate that angel Lega said there's a lot going on. Kfi came and we've got some big big news going on You can now hear us on one of the three point one. Fm as well we're thirteen. Am one of three point one fm. You're going to hear us on the same same great programming just over on that other side of the dial the next everybody who made that possible that something we've been working towards for quite some time and now ready to rock and roll. We've got some very exciting things going on here at kfi The best way to to stay in touch well just to keep the dial here on one or three point one and thirteen ten a. m. it's going to be a blast. We've got so much. We're looking forward to tomorrow. Kevin lionel of the colorado and joins me to talk all things you football as we get ever ever closer to what's going to be great opening week or opening season of college football As well as chris would editor and publisher of biz. West will be joining us to talk about this economy until then keep in touch on our facebook page at noko now or online at thirteen. Ten of k dot com for ryan kelly for angel. Padilla iam tanner swint. This has been known. Al presented by the j nine agencies on northern colorado voice. One of three point one. Fm teen ten am. We'll talk to you tomorrow see..

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