NFL suspends all activities for Titans after positive COVID-19 cases

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Few players from Tennessee titans tested positive for in nineteen, which has prompted the NFL from suspending all activities bore the titans until more tests come out well, they came out The three titans week for opponent are the three steelers initial reports said that the game would be postponed until Monday or possibly even Tuesday. But an additional titans player tested positive on Thursday morning, which led to the temporary cancellation of this contest. The Titans and steelers will not be playing their game this week and the NFL must find a way to rescheduled game by maneuvering weeks and or even possible that the game may be lost. We don't really know yet by the way. NFL has spoken about issues such as this. It seems like they'll do whatever they can within reason to reschedule the game. As we know, the sport of football is a lot different than other sports and rescheduling games could be an issue due to the nature of the sport, but we're GonNa have to see what transpires throughout the year. This may not be the only time that something like this actually occurs and when it happened with the Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball, they could just reschedule doubleheaders at our seven. Years later in the season and kicked, that can down the road. I don't know if you can do that in the NFL is such a physical game and players need time to rehab throughout a week. They need time to heal because our bodies are so sore after a football game but. As. Of Right now, take Juju. James Connor. Big Ben King Henry Corey Davis Tanna Hill and whoever you were starting out of your lineups and adjust sucks I know hopefully some of you are in leagues where Your Commissioners on top of coordination and they allow you to drop without penalty and pick up after the week where no one else in you your league can go in and scoops. You dropped him connor no, one can pick them up and just be reassigned to your team from assuming not all leagues have that kind of freedom. Or that type of commissioner a Kinda does take a lot of work got enforcing laws to which are pretty cool right

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