Mayor Durkan's 2021 budget: Defund police by 12%, but will Seattle City Council demand more?


Funding Take center stage in Day Two of the City Council's budget meetings combos Ryan Harris is more from the discussion. Interim police chief Adrian DEA has laid out the proposed $357 Million.2021 budget, and among the points he made was the patrol staffing levels are at the same place they were eight years ago as the city continues to grow, Diaz says around 40. 100 officers or needed just to maintain current service levels. But council member Shama Salon was one of the members who question that, as the push continues to defund, or at least take functions out of SPD. The whole crust off your presentation was to raise the specter of crime, violent crime and the dire outcomes that would result if there was any kind of reduction in the size of the police department. Both the city and SPD's budget directors pointed out that the reason they're assuming the need for 1400 officers because they believe no alternatives for covering. Some current police functions will be in place by next year. Ryan Harris Comeau News executive order from Seattle Mayor made Jenny Durkan will create a work group, which she says we'll use community input to change policies on police and public safety. The work group will look at Seattle police functions now decide which could be taken out of the department or totally eliminated. Victoria Beach chair of the African American Community Advisory Council, says she's against de funding and for reform. She says SPD can't afford to lose even more. One more officer. When the layers long gone, our city will be destroyed and we have the mayor and City Council could blame for that. And I want people to remember. I don't know where and how we're going to pick up the pieces. After this sales,

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