BONUS Understanding the 5 Love Languages

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To pornography as a coping mechanism if you off Anybody that you know is trying to put pornography behind them once and for all trust me. It can't be done in a strength-based hold the shame become the person you always wanted to be kind of way. Then please head over to pass back Recovery, Inc. There. You will find a short e book that describes five common mistakes that people make when trying to remove pornography from their lives again, that's path back recovery, and please head over to Virtual couch on Instagram. Tony took a licensed marriage and family therapist on Facebook and Tony over and sign up to find out more about the magnetic marriage program that is about to be announced Thursday lunch to talked about and if you want to improve the connection the communication in your marriage or even just a relationship then this is the course for you so long to Tony over signup find out be the first to know about when the magnetic marriage course is available, and actually that has a little bit of why I wanted to record this bonus episode of birth. Five love languages. This is an episode. I believe it was episode 41 or 45 or something like that initially and that was probably 2 years ago or more and wage is one of those episodes that just continues to get downloaded. I know the five languages of love something that was introduced by dr. Gary Chapman has been widely talked about and I feel like a lot of people are somewhat familiar with the five languages of love, but I feel like there is a lot of confusion around what you even do with that information is, you know, if there are five languages of love and in fact, this is all talked about coming up here in the episode, but there's quality time. There's physical touch there's acts of service there's words of affirmation there's gift giving and so often were able to identify our lunch or maybe our top to Love Languages and we definitely no one that we maybe don't necessarily connect with and so we will present that to our spouse handed to them on a silver platter and say here are my love languages dead. And then we get frustrated. Why isn't this person doing everything that I've told them I want from My Level languages? And so I think there's a lot of confusion of what you do with the love language information that I expressed love. That's how you receive love. How do we talk about love languages? How do we integrate those into our relationship and just a little sneak preview the the love language test and we have a module where we could talk about some of these ideas around Love Languages coming up in this magnetic marriage course, so I just wanted to get the idea of Love Languages just fresh and people's minds. So I do highly recommend that you go look up Gary Chapman's Love Languages quiz, I recently took it once again and just have this have this data information fresh and listen to this episode maybe listen to it with your spouse and just start getting the vibe going of what it's going to look like to have a magnetic marriage and so much more information is coming up on that soon. So without any further Ado, let's wage. the special bonus episode of the five languages of love Thursday so

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