Feeling Like Playoff Season 2020 - burst 20


What it is I guess. By the way, Ian Anderson who held the reds scoreless. He picks up the playoff when he went six innings, all I gave up the two heads. Walk to strikeout nine sto struck out seven walked one gave up and aren't run on six hits. Most of the runs were against all the runs were against. Rice L. A. Glaciers who went a third of an inning gave up three earned runs four total two hits. Walk to strikeout one. So now it's off season time in Cincinnati. What do you do while from what I've seen on twitter? There's a lot of people that don't want Allen's enter to be the hitting coach and they shared stats. Was it the Red Sea to twelve this year? And what the offense that. The red sign in the off season cast Alana's Bruce. SHOGO OCOEE Yama. I don't know why. To twelve happen you know. Is a shame. See that the hitting wasn't kicking. Pitching Staff Derek Johnson again, great coach, and definitely want to keep him aboard because I think. You know starters have been dynamite bullpen. God, better year on but Yeah I will tell you that the reds weren't the only team in the NFL central to be swept. Milwaukee had the tough battle against Los, Angeles dodgers and L. A. One both those games St Louis. Currently tied with San Diego one one. So they forced game three and Chicago. Hosting Miami. Marlins have the first game supposed to play yesterday but they called off because of weather coming in which. Yeah I'm hoping we have good weather for tonight's foot poking, but we'll see it's nice to see Adam duvall hit that home run. I mean yeah. Against the reds but I always liked him divall. So. It's nice to see him have lubbock success with the reds. Braves sorry. Just two hits. A you Haniel Suarez had one of them and Freddie Galveston the everyone. Someone. Also last on twitter, what the biggest hole is in the reds. Between shortstop in her I think I voted shortstop but I can also see catcher too although I think we have the Catcher, the future Tyler Stevenson and I think next year will be his ear to break out in. Cincinnati for real. But. We'll see I. mean you still have Kirk Sally.

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