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Two figures in the sky Real 92 3 new home for hip hop is standing up to racism and racial justice in the black and brown community. Big energy up in here. What I've lived out all this Lakers nuggets Siri's dog, It is It's It's awesome to watch of rope, but there's a lot of people that are complaining about certain things being called on the court specially by the officiating, and one of the things is Foul calls on the Lakers have now since a letter to the N BA complaining about LeBron James. Not getting to the free throw enough on and listen to this. They probably do have you know they look at the stats, and they look at everything in wood In the first three games. He only went tohe attempted 10 free throws. That's it in three games, and then you got to think how many times he goes to the basket. And they they beat him up. Yeah, man, And if you look at those stats, it's true and for the Lakers that kind of do this and then hitting the news and the blog's anything being so public. Honestly, the first My first reaction was just like Man they're really trying to like, you know, get the officiating to go on their side. A little more kind of seemed a week to me first. Really? Yeah, like this is a tough series. I get the shooting. No one's every no one's ever happy with, you know certain calls and stuff like that. But it is the playoff stock. Let them play and for you to be like a, you know, Col. Moore Fella's on Our player kind of thing is kind of just like But you know what? Those kind of people that don't like. If you don't address it continue, And if you really feel like man like, you know, we we don't feel like we're getting calls. We've heard people many a times they they don't feel like they're getting calls. And Wien if you win both ways, always and that's just the way it was like a man age is letting them play. But we see that there's people that's going to the lion and LeBron. Easy, Maybe, but I think they have a good enough argument. If you call a whining, whatever you know for me, it just seemed like that's right off the bat. And then obviously, once you look into more, and you get the stats and stuff like that, Yeah. Other coaches have done it before. Obviously, you know, they tell the league that could be a passive aggressively. Just saying like, Well, maybe we should work harder on you know this and this and that. But I just indirectly saying it to the MBA, but saying it like this publically kind of seemed a little off and game forgets how many free thrills he had many free 14 free throw attempts. But in what way? Where did that come from It? Is that the NBA's san put the cry babies up there are is already calling the foul. Exactly. I think they're actually calling the foul. So that shows you right word. All right, You know it. It put it there now. It's on the board. So he don't give fate brought very faking the way that the Lakers won that game. If he didn't get to the free throw line, I'm anytime they would've lost through there. Yeah. About time for Denver to write their letters. Yeah. Wow, We're alright. Big boy's neighborhood

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