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Called like the five wise or something which is completely risky active. Very risky exercise remains mates rivera. Reductionist person practice. Why questions of Their risky ask them why. Why do you want this. Why do you want this. You want this why you want this. We don't need to go there for me. It's you know so you haven't more confidence and make more money. How's that going to change your life within. I'll be able to go out. There can get the guy girl. I'll be ability disk. And so now you have all of that gag early you make more money you have more confidence you know power five about your life is going to change will then go and atkin show my family that i made it a bit in what we like if we focused on Getting the same time and versus waiting interesting. Could you could spend a lotta time chasing those. You take five ten fifteen twenty years Five minutes one time. You texted john. It's probably been two years greg. The caller a mutiny. What am i say. Okay on meet me. And i'll tell you what to say and we started repairing safe. I'm just using examples from people some things you know work with people on because you can look i'm moving away from and was initially With some of the stories and some of the lines of questions with it's important of i'm just gonna get to know what you want. Just be careful about asking why because those winds can take you back in time. We don't need to go 'cause you don't need it anymore. I like where we're going because this is a mental model. We can apply to other life rounds with y. The y. statement. Why is it so defeating of our future success. And what could we use instead. You know a good good. I do nancy mr reich lemon kind of and around. Why questions in admendment contemptuous loan they take you back to who you are and you can't control who you are it's audit it matters. Why questions run the risk of diminishing a person you ask. Why did you do that. Why why would you walk in there like that. A person gonna play small and if a person plays small guess what they might lash out and say something that's not going to be beneficial and that's taken a personal way from what they really want. You know if you know what type of results are we looking for here versus. Why did you do that in it. You know. I'm always getting people to think if we could do this all over again. How would you approach l. of how questions how make you think. How would you like to respond to talk to me. That way versus while yelling at me strategically disarmed to pay bill. I remember bartenev. Did it all the time got lagaan. Mclovin your and i'll just say in a second..

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