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Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading happy new year. John Junkie Spe- New Year that Sandra That Scott and we're back we're back to talk about how our favorite books of the year. Certainly the most notable to us probably the ones that are going to stick with us the most for me. It's a reread ability. Makes a book like a favourite for me but I mean we read so many good books this year. Yeah it very hard to the narrow it down to our own individual lists you know. It's almost impossible. That's why we kind of just do this kind of in a fun way and like pear cocktails ahead. Yeah because really. It's like I mean if especially if you've been listening all year we're very careful with the books we select and we don't pick up anything that we know is just GonNa be like a dumpster fire so it's like really a lot of good books and some of them end up being kind of middle of the pack and others of them. It's like you really love but it's like am I gonNa are- read this that's kind of my my litmus test and going over the list of books that we've read this year I cannot believe like how law how how many books we got in. There is some books at the beginning of the year that I couldn't believe that it's only been I mean less than a year since I read them. This year has been in weird like that. Yeah it's it's a trip. It's a total trip so I guess we'll just kinda get into it so as I kind of said before this is a little bit of the tradition here at Chandra Junkies and we've done some variations on this theme as well like Scotts birthday where we pick some books and then we pair a cocktail. That We're not making and drinking cocktails right now. But it's more like an inspiration and we always say that if you are somebody that doesn't drink that's totally fine. Used this as inspiration for a mock tail and you know you can get a little bit of comedy out of the idea of these drinks as well. Oh well yes yes yes yes Like last year my top books was cabinet the end of the world by Paul. Tremblay love that book so much and I picked an audio smother. AMF because it's the apocalypse funny honey funding games. That's it whereabout here John Junkies. I still think that that was a fantastic book. That yes fantastic fantastic drink. It was my magnum opus. So Sandra and I agreed that we're not sticking to it exact number although we're around five each but there is that round around their the neighborhood but not included in that. There is one that both of us need to talk about because this book is just means so so much to the both of us right. Oh Yeah it's more than just the book it's kind of a I guess we're we're counting. This is like the conclusion and also the whole series in a way five fates by Dr Blake. We love her friend of the show fabulous fabulous Gal who we've had on the show a couple of times because because we are lucky lucky. SOB's and she can come on any time income she wants. We have this lovely couch for her that she can come and sleep on pitch. She's on our coast. It's not that far. Can I mean you could just come sleep on our couch and hang out with us and watch them star wars please. Yes I mean that's just all we're asking much just little thing it's just your voice. I'm anyway this book series and especially this conclusion. Legion means a lot to Scott. Ni- my sister has been guest on some of the episodes for this series. It's like it's a family affair and it's it's so tied up in our hearts and our minds that it didn't feel right to just put it on our favorites list so we decided we're going to give it a sendoff with this cocktail toast post to it and so the cocktail we've chosen for this. There's so many good choices for this series. We've had these books on the list before. Yeah but the final book is five dark fates and what better cocktail than something with five dark fates in it. And that's the classic Long Island iced. He he Jesus five liquors Vodka Tequila Rum. Gin and a triple sec and I had hurts just thinking about it and of course you add half part of sweet and sour to that and a splash of coke and what you get is a drink that tastes like a sweet iced tea but it is alcoholic. A F- Jeff. I have to say I've not had a lot of good long island's in my day. You say that I like it when has more Kokin it cuts. What's the secret for you? Yeah I've had some in there just like I don't know like the the dirtiest nastiest leaders together and then like a cloying sweetness leanness but I know that a lot of people love long islets. You'll love long. I'd love there's could long island's out there you just have to. You just have to hunt. Where a perfect thing and also Brinson is an island? So it's an island. I think it's I I personally think it's perfectly appropriate for the series. Now that's a great pick so kind of in no particular order. We're going to go down the list but we know we have the same number one buck so we'll save that for a while we'll save that for last all right. Why don't you go first? So Oh another one of my most favorite books. This year was lock every door by Riley say Riley Sager our dear friend who we had on the show. Oh yes I absolutely adore this book S. I have found that I I like books. That are kind of spooky colty kind of thing that makes my heart real happy. I it's this is a new discovery for me particularly this year and this book does such a great twist on the ideas that are brought from Rosemary's baby which that movie disturbs me a lot but but and having recently rewatch East Yeah. There's some things that I think that I miss remembered. And so I had a very similar muller reaction to this re-watch but lock every door to such a good job of subverting that story and building upon it and creating. Its its own canoe original idea. I just I love the book so much I mean I loved it too and it's a love letter to Rosemary's baby and it's absolutely a fabulous three by fabulous author and I have a drink for this as well. Oh okay I I would like to hear your drink mine I well. We talked talked about it in the episode with Riley. We also talked about Rosemary's baby in my birthday episode of Jonah Junkies. What you're drinking with Chevy and then for the cult show the cult film series was actually screened for my birthday by my co host over there? Neil so like we've had a very rosemary's baby heavy year. I'm very happy about so I if odd could blush and extra tall of course right absolutely so vodka. Blush is a drink that they have in the film Rosemary's baby They don't have it in the book. I'm aware of but it's like a very simple old school drink. And it's vodka lime juice and Grenadine. So you just put. Yeah so the little little touchy grinding. Ending gives a little blush and it's kind of like joke in the movie. When Roman makes them he pours it like really strongly? It's basically a huge glass fought cut and and I just can't help it I mean. Of course I'd be up there in that beautiful apartment building looking out with the GARGOYLES. Shrinking Vodka blush. How about you? Well my drink is called the lock. Pick so the lock pick is a fairly simple drink. It is one part Bourbon A half part of pomegranate. I'm a granite liqueur. A half of lemon juice and two parts iced tea sounds a little tart It's actually have had this drink. It is a little tart It's also rich because of the ice tea. It's kind of along the same lines of a long island. ICED tea with less alcohol It's a really a good drink. It is pretty strong. Okay okay. But it's called lot pick so they have it. There's a couple options for you. There are no doors that are locked for for me. What's the next what's next pick you go? You'll meet a go go okay. So my next pick speaking of Jimmy is minor profits fits by Jimmy Coleus. Could Julius CAJOLES. Gosh I can never say I love him and I love his books. He's so fricking awesome awesome and has become our friend. We've gotten to interview him. which is an absolute wonderful thing? And if you haven't read his works. Minor prophets are just the one that we talk about now. Or we're the good demon. You are doing yourself a big damn to service. Oh it to yourself to pick those books up their fabulous sell sense. A big part of the book takes place place at Grandma's farm in Benign Louisiana. I chose a cocktail called cocktail. Allah Louisian- great name is a great name so oh so it was named for a restaurant of the same name around the turn of the century where it was invented. It's one of those and it's got Ri- Benedictine addicting Vermouth. And you can either do herbs saint or absence and patience bidders. Oh yeah that's it sounds. That sounds almost almost like a cesare. Eight is very similar which assessor believed was invented in Louisiana. And there's a lot of cocktails that are kind of like takeoffs of sows Iraq but I thought that sounded just Kinda dark swampy Louisiana perfect. If you're just curling up this book to to to set down one of those I want one of those drinks just aside from the book that sounds delicious I thank you thank you next all right. Well the next one on my a-list We're going to go with another horror novel for me and this one is brother brother brother by Anya. alborn Yes sir her. This book disturbed me so much It's pretty bad. I mean there's a great book it's so disturbing a so good and it it. It surprises you every every page and there's things that that are expected but even when they happen they're just terrifying and horrifying defying and they make you dislike one throw up. Yeah it's like you're just watching this person. The main character in that book just go through so much pain so this is a book that that is along. The lines of say hills have eyes meets the deliverance. Maybe something like that or sure but but the characters are much more human than in both of those stories like they're they're. They're believable while still being horrible. Oh they're just they're absolutely insidious and yet there is strains of compassion especially for lead. Yeah so my cocktail for this book is is a Moonshine Bloody Mary with a Bacon Garnish. Oh God can I can. I have fake Bacon Online. No it is very important in this book. You have real bigan okay. Well then I'm going to have to skip this cocktail. But why don't you tell us about it. So I mean you know you know the bloody bloody Mary of course share but this is made with instead of vodka made with moonshine particularly a stronger spirit than what you would have have in a in a vodka so you definitely taste that that spirit a lot stronger but moonshine is something that is typically Originally made made in a bathtub by people in the boonies. And now it's become a big thing and I actually quite like moonshine. But that's kind of its history and and then of course the Bacon Garnish is very important for this book for reasons that are so maybe all of us are disturbed so great great great. Yeah you know who would like that is Amanda. Yeah absolutely Nando. Be Down to drink one of those. You have to make that for Amanda. It's always. It's a shocker to everyone including myself that I don't like bloody Marys. I'm hoping that one day I I will grow into it but like the last time I was with Amanda somewhere we're for Brunch and she ordered one and I still try to sip and I was like it's like it's we're getting closer but I I couldn't drink a whole one..

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