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I don't know. I'm not going to pretend that I have the answer to that. But I want my fucking payday Spotify, come on. If I was Rogan, I mean, Rogan was already bringing in a lot of money. So I mean, I don't know. I'm not going to pretend to say what my decision would be. But it definitely felt like it hurt, right? It hurt seeing him go to this exclusivity path. I tend to believe that I would never go, I would just stop doing shows rather than go down an exclusivity path. I like the open nature of the platform podcasting. I like the open nature of I think all information should be open. I think tools should be open. That's something I feel very strongly about as one of the things that attracted me to podcasting in the first place. I mean, my grandmother, she's like, I don't know how you're still allowed on the radio you curse all the time. And I keep explaining to her I was like, I'm not actually on the radio. That's just how I say it to explain it to you. Hold on, is that your grandma who was listening to my show? Independently of knowing we're Friends. Yeah, she listened to defiance, wasn't it? Yeah, I forget which episode it was. Yeah. But she was listening to vines and she sent it to me as a recommendation. That's so fucking funny, man. All right, what about Bitcoin TV? What have you learned with that? I haven't got any of my shows on Bitcoin TV yet. You're not on Bitcoin TV, bro no. What gives? What are the rules? Bitcoin. Right now it's Bitcoin. What? No ads. No, no, you can have ads on your actual show. Okay. We're not as a platform. So when you're on YouTube, right? You have not only do you have your ads, you have YouTube ads, right? YouTube's whole business model is surveillance capitalism, right? They're surveilling people. They're manipulating people they're controlling people. That is their business model, and they're not just controlling the audiences. They're doing it to the creators as well, right? You're completely at the whim of the creators. So me with Bitcoin three bitcoiners said, you know, we're fucking done with YouTube..

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