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Off the air from a funeral director. He says. One will morticians get their vaccines and the dead. Give off respiratory droplets. I don't know. When will radio talk show host and producers get ours? I mean, the fact that matters everybody wants. The same thing is kind of like everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. At this point. We have a very limited number of vaccines. Unlimited number of people. So this issue with Dan Hills and Law enforcement began when they looked at their brothers and sisters in the fire department's getting it and they were not prioritized. In fact, they didn't they want even thought about. In fact, when I called Sergeant Dan Hills of a couple hours ago to say, Can you come on and talk about it said Well, what's going on? I said, we have the covert 19 situation happening. And how about cops getting and he said, Well, we're not getting it. Said, are the cops knocking down your door saying, Why aren't we And honestly is that not really And so it looks to me like the picking, and choosing has got to be based upon scientific fact is supposed to opinion. God knows we all have belly buttons will have opinions. And at this point if you're the officeholder, you're the guy in charge. It is up to you to make that decision. Critics and the pundits on left and the right can say, Well, you should have given it to cops. Then they'll be large numbers of those who work in nursing homes among the frail and elderly that would not get it. We have approximately now about 2.5 million Ohioans fitting categories. 2.5 million to get the vaccine, according to the one A and one B category, and the one see starts on Monday. At this point, we're gonna have 2.5 million Ohioans and wind reports He's getting about 100,000 vaccines per week and the need is well over two million and that does not include All the cops. Corrections officers. Deputy sheriffs doesn't include those who work in grocery stores. So those who come in contact with the public The fact of the matter is all of us who wanted out to get it. But then, secondly, you and I've dealt with this About half the American people what refused to get the vaccine and if required to do so. Many was still would not get it. And so if if that's true, and anecdotally I believe it is true. Governor, DeWine said that 60% of workers in nursing homes will not get it. And that half of the police department the fire fighters offered it will not get it. So to get to like, quote, herd immunity getting to 65 75%. We may never get to that point because too many of us refused to take the vaccine. I would take it as soon as it's available. I think most of my callers would say yes but by thin margin I had a call on the other day. From Adam's County. Forget the guy's name appeared bright and loose it, he said The great majority of people and Adams County in rural America would not take the vaccine if it's offered, anyway. And so well, it'll be months and months and a year or two. If that's true before we come out of this pandemic because you can't have half the population inoculated against it. And the other half. Refusing to take in, in which case is able to be spread. And I would anticipate Webvan 1918 1919 situation more than 100 years ago with the Spanish flu in which it really ravaged American society. Resulting in today's numbers about 600,000 deaths. At this point we're about 430,000 aren't away to 500,000 deaths, so we have to get to 600,000 to get the same number 100 years ago. And by today's numbers You do the do the math. It would equate to 2.2 million dead Americans today If the same number of 600,000 is acceptable and around the world. It was 50 million deaths coming out Award War one, and it went on and on for like a year or two. Because they weren't vaccines, of course, and the treatment did not include monoclonal antibodies and didn't include room desert here. They didn't have any sense they were masked, and that's about it. And it was not a political issue whatsoever when political Woodrow Wilson was not held to account for it. And the next president, who I think was Calvin Coolidge. Uh, it wasn't a campaign issue was simply a flu, and so we have a limited number. And then we have unlimited to man and we have large numbers of teachers and schools that want to get back. Melanie Bates is coming up later, and I spoke with her off the air about what's happening in CPS. And she told me off the air that they have clinics in each of the schools, health clinics, and they also have AH large restaurant operations where Children are being fed. Etcetera, and they're not in school, So the school in Cincinnati is a hospital. It's a restaurant and it's a school. What terrible awful results. Traditionally, school was not perceived as a place you go eat in a restaurant, and it went perceived as being Ah hospital or health care clinic. It was where you went to get educated. And parents used to send a brown bag to school with their child. And sometimes they would offer shall I say, hot meals most of time. They did not you simply it was up to each parent, too. To give a brown bagged your kid. You had some time to sit down and eat. That was lunch and the idea of of a health clinic being in a school that didn't happen. So now the schools because of the breakdown in the American family, we do have the worst generation of parents in American history Now living right now, the worst generation is today. That they take on the roles of families to care for Children that in the past would not have occurred. And so another reason to get the kids back in school, which they should have been since September is the fact that not getting properly fed more being abused? Educational achievement is not existent, and they're not getting their shots appropriately. So when Dwyane looked around and said the urban school districts in Ohio are largely shut down. In fact, most urban districts in America are shut down while suburban districts are wide open and Catholic schools and procure all schools are wide open. How is that possible? How can you be our lady of victory in the West Side? How can you be a cub Calf or Covington, Latin or LaSalle? And you're functioning. Because you have parents and kids that desire to be there and will fight through to make it happen. In urban areas education, which ought to be a prime responsibility of a parent. Get the kid out of the hole. The ditch in which the child finds him or herself is not in a sense, prioritized. And when I watch Laura Mitchell is the superintendent of Cincinnati and watch some of the school board meetings, which I do. You're gonna line them up out the door of pissed off parents who don't think they're kids should be in school. And they're paying almost confiscatory real estate taxes, and still, the kids are not in school. So It's a terrible situation and everywhere I look as the great American I can't recall a time. Uh, certainly since the 19 sixties, when America was more angry at itself. People are just pissed off about everything. For example, the right wingers or pissed off at the election that their guy Trump lost, and they firmly believe the election was stolen. It was rigged. That's what those on the far right believe. So they thought it was somehow justified because they're angry at the outcome of an election. The storm the United States Capitol, the hold it for several hours, resulting in five deaths, including at least one murder. And then you'd feel justified that what they did was OK, That's OK to take the U. S. Capitol, the United States Capitol and hold it for a period of time on the far right. That was okay. Look on the far left and it's justified in acceptable. The burn, loot trash and vandalized 100 American cities. If someone gets pissed off about an individual cops behavior, it's okay to break out Windows vandalized doors to loot to kill. And 100 American cities that somehow okay waiting for the next event to transpire, which will cause the left wing mobs toe once again March and destroyed downtown areas, whether it's Seattle or Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati, whatever it might be, New York Just last week about 28 cops or injured in a fight with right wing Antifa activist..

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